Sweet Ass wins South Pacific title at Major Impact 2

It was a rough night for the New Zealand contingent of superstars at WCWA’s Major Impact 2, although Sweet Ass managed to walk away with the new South Pacific title.

The Kiwi native defeated BJ Blade to win the title, although it was with a lot of help from referee Squire Chalres, who just happens to be Sweet Ass’ valet.

Also at the show, Kiwi Dallas Mead lost to Jack A Roo, and Harley Seth & The Mongol beat Hawk (NZ) & Grave Tavern in a hardcore tag team match when Harley Seth pinned Grave Tavern.

In a pre-match stipulation, the WCWA Hardcore title held by Grave Tavern would change hands if Tavern was pinned. After the match, a furious Grave confronted Hawk. Hawk stated that he would make it up to him later in the night.

Fellow Kiwi Cruz lost the WCWA Heavyweight title table match when champion Jethro used the Oldtimer, a version of the X Factor off the apron to put Cruz through the table at ringside.

After Jethro retained the title, Hawk came out and said that, as he is owner of the company, he demanded Jethro and Jack A Roo defend their tag team titles immediately. He called out Grave Tavern and then introduced his tag team partner to be Dallas Mead.

Dallas Mead and Super Coach Jas the Ace double teamed Jack A Roo on the outside of the ring, beating him with steel chairs and a garbage can. Grave Tavern wore down Jethro in the ring, finally beating him with an elbow drop from the top rope. Dallas Mead and Grave Tavern became the new WCWA Tag Team champions.

Finally, Chris Saxxon beat Violent Bob (NZ) by disqualification when Violent Bill (NZ) interfered.