Wild night for Kiwi talent at WCWA Major Impact 3

It was a wild night for the Kiwi talent on show at this past weekend’s WCWA Major Impact 3 from the Gold Coast, Australia.

IPW’s The Machine lost an epic encounter with Dallas Mead in a match of the night contender.

Other matches involving New Zealanders on the show saw Sweet Ass successfully defend the WCW South Pacific title against Cruz when referee Squire Charles refused to make a three-count after a top rope legdrop, then making a fast three-count after Sweet Ass used the Kamate Kick.

Violent Bob and Violent Bill lost to Logan Frost and Maverick Sommers by disqualification.

Hawk and Sebastion lost to Jackaroo and Mister J in a street fight match when Hawk turned on Sebastion and he was pinned by Mister J.

Super Coach Jas the Ace confronted Jackaroo and attacked him with the NZ flag. Jackaroo retaliated with a sidewalk slam and tied Super Coach in the corner with a rope. Jethro entered the ring and turned on his tag team partner Jackaroo, hitting him with the Oldtimer.