Jethro defeats The Machine to retain WCWA Championship

In just his second appearance in WCWA, IPW’s own The Machine challenged WCWA Champion Jethro for the coveted championship, however just came up short last night at WCWA Major Impact 4.

Jethro started with a surprise attack to The Machine, hitting him with several clotheslines before attempting a suplex, which Machine reversed into a Falcon’s Arrow. Machine scaled the ropes for an elbow drop but Jethro punched him off, Machine falling out of the ring.

The Machine was able to gain the upper hand and had some crowd members hold Jethro against the guard railings while a third fan held a chair in front of Jethro’s head, which Machine smashed into his face. Machine tried to send Jethro into the post, but the whip was reversed sending Machine head-first into the post, and also landing in some chairs that had been set up by the post earlier.

Jethro then ground Machine’s face into the guard railings before throwing him back into the ring and climbing the ropes, only to be caught and thrown off the top into the ring. Machine then scaled the ropes and hit Jethro with a flipping Diamond Cutter.

Jethro reversed a whip to the ropes and knocked Machine down with a Lou Thesz press, punching the Machine before bouncing off the ropes for an elbow drop. Machine hit a vertical splash from the corner, then hit the Machine Head but rather than pin, asked the crowd if they wanted to see more pain, and set Jethro on three chairs in the corner for a legdrop, demolishing the chairs.

Machine pinned Jethro, but Jethro’s foot was on the ropes for the three-count, but the referee didn’t see it and declared Machine the winner.

While Machine celebrated, Commissioner Lara Love came to ringside with referee Squire Charles, declaring that the foot was on the ropes and the match was to continue.

Machine turned and was hit in the stomach with a chair, then waffled in the head knocking him down. Machine got back to his knees, and Jethro smashed the chair over his head. Jethro then placed another chair in the ring, and hit his “Moonshiner” finisher onto it, pinning the Machine for the three-count and retaining his heavyweight title.

After the match was over Jethro continued the assault with the chairs before leaving The Machine lying in the ring.

Other results from New Zealanders appearing on the show saw Hawk and Gravedigger defeated Shock Therapy, Cruz defeat Maverick Sommers, and Sweet Ass defeat Dallas Mead, holding onto his South Pacific Championship.