Great day for WCWA Kiwi contingent on day two of Gold Coast Show

It was another great day for the New Zealand contingent of WCWA on day two of the Gold Coast Show in Brisbane, with the Kiwis racking up four wins, one loss and a draw.

Cruz (NZ) and BJ Blade beat Trash and Nate Newton when Cruz hit a Slasher top-rope legdrop and BJ Blade used a frog splash on Trash.

South Pacific Champion Sweet Ass (NZ) drew with Heavyweight Champion Jackaroo via double count-out.

Violent Bob and Bill (NZ) aka “Shock Therapy” and Jackaroo beat The Mongol, Ashe and Chris Saxxon when Jackaroo pinned Mongol.

Results of the first round of the number one contender’s tournament saw Cruz (NZ) beat Davey Boy with the Slasher top-rope legdrop. BJ Blade beat Sweet Ass (NZ) with a frog splash. Jethro beat Grave Tavern with the Old Timer. Dallas Mead (NZ) beat Mick Smiley with the Kiwi Krush and Air NZ top-rope elbow drop.

Tomorrow in the quarter final:

  • Cruz vs. BJ Blade
  • Dallas Mead vs. Jethro