Kiwi results from day three of Gold Coast Show

The third and final day of the Gold Coast Show wrapped up with another impressive series of matches from WCWA.

The last three men in the 20-Man Hardcore Rumble were Super Coach Jas the Ace (NZ), Harley Seth, and Mongol, who will face off in a four-way “King of Hardcore Match” along with Hawk (NZ) at Major Impact 7 next Saturday in Surfers Paradise.

Also on the show, Jackaroo beat Dallas Mead (NZ) and Grave Tavern in a three-way dance match, when Jackaroo pinned Dallas. Mongol and Harley Seth beat Cruz (NZ) and BJ Blade after stereo chokeslams.

And in the quarter finals of the number one contendership tournament, BJ Blade beat Cruz (NZ) after a moonsault and two frog splashes. Jethro beat Dallas Mead (NZ) after a chair shot while the referee was distracted by Jethro’s valet, Mary Jane.