Kiwis on show as WCWA invades the Gold Coast Show

The Gold Coast Show kicked off today with WCWA’s New Zealand stars on show.

First up, Dallas Mead and Grave Tavern beat Jethro and The Mongol by pinfall after double elbow drops off the top rope and later in the day, Mead took on fellow Kiwi, Cruz. Dallas survived a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle and a Slasher top-rope legdrop to make a comeback and pinned Cruz after a huge spinebuster.

Dallas didn’t come out of it unscathed as he received a busted nose and was tended to by St Johns Ambulance staff onsite. Dallas Mead will compete again tomorrow at the Gold Coast Show, which takes place over three days.

Day two sees the start of an eight-man tournament to decide the number one contender to the WCWA heavyweight title held by Jackaroo. The contenders are Dallas Mead, Cruz, Sweet Ass, BJ Blade, Grave Tavern, Davey Boy, Mick Smiley and Jethro.

Day three will feature the second annual Hardcore Rumble (Royal Rumble with weapons).