The Machine wins WCWA King of the Ring

IPW’s The Machine won the WCWA King of the Ring tournament on the Gold Coast last night in a stunning evening of action.

The Machine needed to win three matches in one night to win the tournament, and started out by defeating top cruiserweight Davey Boy. He then beat fellow Kiwi Violent Bob with the Machine Head onto a pile of chairs in the semi final, and defeated BJ Blade in the incredibly hard fought final with a Machine Head Mark II.

Our congratulations go out to The Machine.

Results from the evening saw:

Quarter Finals:

  • BJ Blade beat Mason Childs
  • Violent Bill beat Ash
  • Machine beat Davey Boy
  • Violent Bob beat Nate Newton

Semi Finals:

  • BJ Blade beat Violent Bill
  • Machine beat Violent Bob


  • Machine beat BJ Blade

Other matches saw Dallas Mead defeat Jethro and Grave Tavern in a three way dance, and Hawk, Jackaroo, and Trash with Super Coach beating Mongol, Harley Seth and Steele when WCWA Heavyweight Champion Jackaroo pinned Steele in the six-man tag team hardcore weapons match.