WWE SmackDown Road to WrestleMania Tour FAQ

tour_logoSmackDown – Road to WrestleMania 22 Tour
Westpac Stadium, Wellington
Saturday 4th March 2006 at 7:30pm

Ticketing Onsale – 7 November –  Book at Ticketek

Which WWE Superstars will perform?
At this stage the following WWE SmackDown Superstars have been confirmed to appear: BATISTA™, JBL™, CHRIS BENOIT®, RANDY ORTON™, EDDIE GUERRERO™; REY MYSTERIO™, BOOKER T™, and CHRISTY HEMME™.  More Superstars will be added to the card at a later date. Please note that the performance card is subject to change. WWE tours the world 52 weeks every year and the Superstars of WWE are subject to injury and ailment like all other professional athletes and entertainers.

Will there be additional shows in New Zealand?
No, there will only be the one special major event in Wellington on Saturday 4th March, 2006.

Will I hear the commentators as on TV?
There will not be a live commentary as you would have seen on a televised WWE event – however there will be entrance videos, music and pyrotechnics.

 Will I be able to meet the WWE superstars and get an autograph?
At this stage there are no confirmed autograph sessions, however it is likely that a public appearance will be confirmed closer to the event.

How long will the show last?
Approximately three hours.

Will there be an interval?

Will they have the entrance stage and ramp that we see on TV?
Yes, a unique and enormous entrance stage set is currently being designed for this event. There will be a second huge structure above the ring area that will support more of the sound and lighting equipment used for the show.

Will there be video screens?
Yes, there will be special event video screens and the Westpac Stadium Super Screen will be used.

Will the event be broadcast live as a ‘Pay Per View’ Cable Television Show?
No, there are no plans to do this at the current time.

Will the event be filmed? Will I be filmed?
At this stage there are no plans to film this event for a specific DVD however parts of the show will be filmed. In buying a ticket you grant WWE consent to film you and use your likeness as a participant in the event as presented live and as recorded for all mediums in perpetuity whether that use is intentional or not.

Can I bring my own WWE hero banners and signs to this event?
Yes, soft (paper, card or fabric) banners will be allowed provided they are not overly large, cumbersome and so considered a danger to others. Banners and signs mounted on solid frames or poles or posts will not be allowed.

Will official WWE merchandise be on sale at the show?
Yes, a full and wide range of official WWE product will be available at the event, be wary of any imitations that may be seen beyond the Stadium precinct.

Are there Children & Student tickets available?
No, though some areas within the stadium have tickets priced especially for Children, Students and Families. (Small Children 4 years and under would be allowed entrance free of charge provided they do not occupy a seat and/or obstruct the view of others-Small Children are not encouraged within the seating on the field).

Can Children sit in the Diamond and Platinum sections?
Yes they can, but the limited seating in these sections prevents us from offering a Children’s discount. Under 3yrs old Children sitting on parent’s laps are not allowed within the Diamond and Platinum areas.

Will my Children be safe?
Yes, we will endeavour at all times to provide a safe environment for what is a family orientated event. Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated. Children (and Adults) would not be permitted to stand on chairs and ticket holders on the field will be encouraged to sit down during matches.

What about mobility impaired patrons?
Seating is available; please contact Westpac Stadium or Ticketek direct for all information regarding the availability of special services.

Why are some of the tickets so expensive?
WWE has made tickets available in all price ranges, from $45 and up, with a large percentage of seats priced at $59 or less. In fact one of the main reasons for playing such a large venue as Westpac Stadium is because it enables us to offer a larger volume of seating in the lower price ranges.  This event is the absolute real thing, brought to you by the best, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. The production scale of this event is enormous and accordingly a very expensive show to bring to New Zealand. It comes complete with two huge specially designed staging structures, a huge sound system, a state of the art  lighting system, pyrotechnics, non stop action, the World famous Superstars of WWE and more.

Can I bring my camera?
WWE encourage everyone to preserve their personal memories of the event and small personal cameras will be allowed. However, large camera bags, tape recorders and professional photographic equipment, as well as any form of video or audio recording equipment will not be allowed into the Stadium.

What items would be prohibited from entry?
Anything that could be used to harm themselves or others, for example weapons of any kind, umbrellas, bottles, cans and fireworks or items that can be distracting to the Superstars of WWE, such as laser pointers and the like. Any of these items found upon entry to, or within, Westpac Stadium will be confiscated.

There are only limited cloakroom facilities at the stadium, please only bring with you what you are prepared to hold on to.

Can I take my own food and beverage into Westpac Stadium?
Only bottle water and small amounts of non-commercial food are allowed in  Westpac Stadium. Full details of Westpac Stadium entry policies can be found on www.westpacstadium.co.nz.  The Stadium has a huge variety of food and beverage outlets, which will be open during the event. Please note that Westpac Stadium is a non-smoking venue.

Will I be searched upon entry?
WWE reserve the right to require a patron to submit to an undesirable items search – albeit as part of a general whole of audience search or an audience search conducted at random. We also reserve the right to refuse admission to any and all persons whom we deem to be a threat to the safe enjoyment of the event by others.

How do I get to Westpac Stadium?
Limited parking is available at Westpac Stadium itself. Buses and Trains run to and from the adjacent Railway Station and Bus Terminal. Contact METLINK for all public transport details: ph 0800 801 700, www.metlink.org.nz

Westpac Stadium is only a 10 minute walk from the CBD hotels.

What is the WWE website address?

Will WWE come back?
If New Zealand supports this special event as we think it will then YES, WWE will be back!