Eight man tournament at Hughes Academy show

Friends may be forced to become foes tomorrow night when eight men take part in a one night tournament at The Hughes Academy’s debut show.

Live Pro Wrestling will play host to eight of KPW’s finest, all battling for pride and a chance to one-up their peers.

The tournament contains two former New Zealand champions in Inferno and Shane Sinclair (formerly Shane Whitehead) as well as a slew of former, and current, tag team champions: Charlie Roberts; Kade Morgan; Inferno; Shane Sinclair; and Steve Jordan.

The other three men in the tournament (Mark Freemantle, T-Rex, and, surprisingly, Graham Hughes) will be looking to make their mark against a host of decorated opponents and perhaps get into KPW title contention in the process.

What’s more, the first round bracketing for this one night tournament will not be decided until the night, with tournament organisers promising fans will have a role to play in who winds up wrestling who.

Could former friends Kade Morgan and Shane Sinclair wind up going one-on-one again? Might current KPW Tag Team Champions Charlie Roberts and Steve Jordan be forced to stand on opposite sides of the ring? What other potential matches could unfold in this unpredictable environment?

Also at Live Pro Wrestling, Scarlett takes on Suzie Q in a special attraction women’s match. These two last met in Tauranga earlier this year where Suzie was able to pin Scarlett with a sunset flip.

Will lightning strike twice for Suzie Q, or will Scarlett be able to right what she perceives as a wrong and even the score with her rival?

Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling takes place tomorrow, May 11, at Kelston Girls College in Kelston, Auckland. Click here for a map. Doors open at 6.15pm with a 6.30pm bell time. Tickets are available on the door at a cost of $5.