Help fund ‘Headlocked: The Last Territory’ on Kickstarter

“If you’ve been a fan of wrestling for any length of time, you’re forced to defend your fandom to people. It’s a very polarizing thing. People generally either love it or hate it. When it’s all said and done, I want Headlocked to be my defense of my wrestling fandom. As the reader follows Hartmann’s journey, they can learn about the craft of wrestling through the eyes of a performance artist. My hopes are that we tell an entertaining story about a kid chasing his dream and at the same time, if we’re lucky, maybe educate some people on the art behind professional wrestling and the passion that it can inspire in people.” – Headlocked writer/creator Michael Kingston.

130806_headlockedHow far would you go to live your dream? That’s the theme of the professional wrestling epic known as Headlocked: The Last Territory, which follows the tale of Mike Hartmann on his journey to become a professional wrestler. Written and created by Michael Kingston, and illustrated by Auckland’s own Michel Mulipola (and IPW’s Liger), the project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter

It’s time to erase the horrifying memories of terrible wrestling comics from over the years. Headlocked is created by fans and workers, providing a quality story as well as a unique look behind the ropes. 

The comic features exclusive content only for Kickstarter Backers, supplied by Shane Helms, RVD, Christopher Daniels, Beth Phoenix, Ken Anderson and Sinn Bodhi. If you’re also keen to be in the comic book itself, check out the Reward Tiers and become part of comic history! They’ve put a lot of heart and soul into the campaign, coming up with rewards of all kinds to suit fans of comics and pro wrestling alike. 

Not on Kickstarter? You can help support the campaign and get a copy of the book by pre-ordering it through Arkham City Comics for only $39. The Arkham City Comics pre-orders are rarities through Kickstarter, so they’ll have all the KS Exclusive content plus they’re the only copies to be signed by writer/creator Michael Kingston, artist Michel Mulipola and by cover artist and WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

The book is scheduled to be available approximately around January 2014.

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Arkham City Comics pre-orders finish on 31 August 2013. To pre-order, contact Arkham City Comics through Facebook or e-mail at: *protected email*.