Armageddon: Agents of Change keep IPW tag team titles

With an Armageddon Cup Champion crowned on Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s Armageddon sessions quickly became focussed on the IPW tag team titles, held by Aaron Henry and Jakob Cross.

The Agents of Change, as Cross and Henry are collectively known, put their titles on the line against New Zealand number one Travis Banks and Mason Daniels in an Auckland Street Fight on Monday afternoon.

Henry began the contest with a hard slap to Banks, who then called for two chairs to be brought to the ring and invited Henry to take a seat.

The two began to trade right hands, with Banks’ open-hand strikes rattling Henry to the point the tag champion left his seat. Banks then pulled the chair out from under Henry and nailed him with a running kick.

As the match progressed the Agents of Change found themselves on the outside of the ring and hastily climbed the security barricades to avoid suicide dives from Banks and Daniels.

The tag team champs didn’t expect Banks and Daniels to give chase though, and the two teams began to brawl all over the Armageddon Expo, from the rubbish bins to the Memphis Meltdown stand.

Cross and Henry got the better of the brawl that had ensued and returned to the ring with Mason Daniels cut off from his partner.

After a beat-down on the rookie competitor, Henry was caught off guard by a backflip kick from Daniels, and both men tagged out to Banks and Cross respectively.

Banks knocked Cross from the ring with a hard forearm shot and, when Henry went to check on his partner, Mason Daniels flew over the top rope to land on both Agents of Change.

Banks sent Daniels to the top rope but Cross was ready and waiting with a chair at the same time Henry knocked Banks from the apron, leaving Daniels alone straddling the turnbuckle with the IPW tag team titleholders.

Cross and Henry grabbed an arm of Daniels’ each and flung him to the mat with a double crucifix powerbomb before Henry covered Daniels for the victory.

Sunday, 11am:

  • James Shaw def. Johnny Idol
  • Khan def. Mason Daniels
  • Pirate Burns def. Hush
  • Queen’s Rights and Rules of England Match:
    Travis Banks def. Jakob Cross w/ Aaron Henry [Special Referee: Vinny Dunn]

Sunday, 1.30pm:

  • Kick-Ass w/ Hit Girl def. Bane
  • Evie & Olivia Shaw def. Amy St Clere & Britenay
  • Kingi def. D-Mack
  • Alfred Valentine def. Hush
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    Aaron Henry & Jakob Cross (c) def. James Shaw & Johnny Idol, Pat Schisk & Vinny Dunn, and TnT

Sunday, 4pm:

  • Mason Daniels & TK Cooper def. Johnny Idol & Paul Sayers
  • Evie def. Isla Rose
  • James Shaw, Kingi & Travis Banks def. Liger, Pat Schisk & Vinny Dunn

Monday, 11am:

  • Armageddon Rumble:
    Pirate Burns eliminated Khan to win

Monday, 1.30pm:

  • Batman def. Bane
  • Johnny Idol def. Paul Sayers
  • Olivia Shaw def. Britenay and Isla Rose
  • Kiss My Foot Match:
    James Shaw def. D-Mack
  • IPW Tag Team Championship, Auckland Street Fight:
    Aaron Henry & Jakob Cross (c) def. Mason Daniels & Travis Banks

Monday, 4pm:

  • Pirate Burns def. D-Mack
  • Elimination Tag Team Match:
    Isla Rose, James Shaw, Johnny Idol, TK Cooper & Travis Banks w/ Mitchell the Amazing def. Aaron Henry, Britenay, Jakob Cross, Khan & Paul Sayers