Nobodies earn Rufguts the Right 2 Challenge

131019_guts“Rufguts” Roddy Gunn has all-but-guaranteed himself another NZWPW Championship reign with a victory in Friday’s Right 2 Challenge bout.

The current SCW Champion is now in a position to be the first man to hold two New Zealand national titles simultaneously, should he cash-in his Right 2 Challenge in a similar fashion to the way he won the fatal four-way.

It was clear Rufguts would be the deserving victim of a three-on-one assault as the Right 2 Challenge bout began, with Johnny Idol, Paul Sayers and Taylor Adams joining forces to take the fight to Rufguts following the comments he made at last week’s Bringing Down the House.

However, once Rufguts had been thrown from the ring, Adams, Idol and Sayers turned on each other, with the lure of an NZWPW title bout being too much to ignore.

The frantic action soon spilled out of the ring and Sayers took to the air with a suicide dive through the ropes.

Idol didn’t allow his opponents to get up before leaping from the corner with a cross-body press.

Taylor Adams then crawled from the wreckage and hurtled off the top rope with a senton to wipe out Idol and Sayers, seemingly unaware Rufguts had moved back into the ring.

Referee Damian Skyfire attempted to stop Rufguts from hitting a suicide dive but may have soon regretted his decision when Rufguts lifted Skyfire onto his shoulders and delivered a steamroller from the apron, using the referee to wipe out his opponents.

With no referee to try and keep them out of the ring, Rufguts’ allies “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate and JC Star (collectively known as the Nobodies) hastily interrupted the match, feeding Idol to Rufguts for a Rufdriver.

The trip then dragged the referee back to the ring in time to count the pin, handing Rufguts his second Right 2 Challenge win and a guaranteed NZWPW Championship match.

Also at Right 2 Challenge, Ben Mana issued an open challenge to anyone willing to face him for the NZWPW Championship.

It was one year ago in that very venue, Mana explained, where he had to make the difficult decision to vacate the NZWPW title after suffering a severe injury. As such, Mana wanted to make the most of his clean bill of health and be the fighting champion he was unable to be in 2012.

Chad Howard appeared to answer Mana’s challenge, eagerly accepting an NZWPW title opportunity, but was stopped by CWO Rehua, who told Howard he had been afforded too many opportunities in NZWPW as of late – with Howard holding both the He Toa Cup and an NZWPW tag team title.

Howard would have to sacrifice something in order to receive an NZWPW Championship match, Rehua explained, leading to Howard vacating the He Toa Cup.

Howard attempted to regain his dual-champ status when he rocked Mana with a shining wizard, but Mana was not ready to end his reign as champ just yet, ducking a second shining wizard and following up with the Mana Slam to retain, leaving Howard with just his tag team title.

NZWPW Right 2 Challenge Results:

  • Stellar Hammer & Thor def. Misty & Mr Silver
    Silver looked for the Silver Bullet but Thor caught the flying veteran and drilled him with a chokeslam while Misty was distracted brawling with Stellar hammer on the outside.

  • Adam Avalanche def. Skull Kid
    Skull Kid showed he could hang with the former NZWPW Champion, and even hit his leaping reverse STO before ultimately falling victim to a Wave of the Avalanche.

  • Amy St Clere def. Uncle Kermit
    In [presumably] inter-gender action, St Clere dropped Uncle Kermit with a leaping DDT for the win in her home region.

  • NZWPW Championship:
    Ben Mana (c) def. Chad Howard

    Chad Howard sacrificed his He Toa Cup for a chance at the NZWPW Championship but eventually fell to the Mana Slam.

  • D-Hoya def. JC Star w/ “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate via count-out
    Dream Catcher trued to coerce D-Hoya to join the Nobodies but D-Hoya was not interested and soon overwhelmed JC Star in the ring. Worried his man was about to lose, Dream Catcher dragged Star from the ring and took the count-out loss as the two headed backstage to avoid D-Hoya’s Eclipse.

  • No Contest: Hayden Thiele w/ Jade Priest vs. Osiris w/ Axl
    Axl got involved in the bout illegally, and when Jade Priest joined the fray the referee was forced to throw the contest out.

  • Axl & Osiris def. Hayden Thiele & Jade Priest
    Under the orders of CWO Rehua, the singles match was restarted as a tag team bout, which Axl and Osiris easily won after bending the rules to suit them behind the back of referee Damian Skyfire.

  • Right 2 Challenge:
    “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn def. Johnny Idol, Paul Sayers and Taylor Adams

    “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate and JC Star made sure Johnny Idol was prone for a Rufdriver and the ring was clear, handing “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn the victory and a future NZWPW Championship match at a time of his choosing.