NZWPW: Adams, Idol, Sayers & Shaw unite against Rufguts

Ben Mana retained the NZWPW Championship at Bringing Down the House but the real story of the night was that of Dream Catcher and “Rufguts” Roody Gunn’s new partnership, and the alliance that formed to combat them.

Rufguts had been scheduled to wrestle Taylor Adams but was not dressed to compete when he took to the ring with Dream Catcher by his side.

The duo declared there was to be a civil war in New Zealand wrestling. The fans had turned their backs on the men who helped to make NZWPW what it is today, they said, in favour of younger talent like Armageddon Cup Champion James Shaw, Johnny Idol, or Taylor Adams.

Rufguts then made things personal, calling the man he was supposed to wrestle to the ring and making some unpublishable remarks about Adams.

The former NZWPW tag team champion hit the ring and laid into Rufguts with a series of hard forearms strikes to shut his mouth, but Dream Catcher helped his new ally to get the better of Adams and the two men left him lying in the ring before anything resembling an official match could begin.

Later in the evening, Ben Mana managed to defeat Johnny Idol with a Maori Spike and Mana Slam to retain the NZWPW Championship.

As Mana left the ring, Dream Catcher and Rufguts returned and began to attack the already-defeated Idol.

Rufguts rocked Idol with hard forearm shots on the ground and put an exclamation point on his attack with a Rufdriver.

Paul Sayers and Taylor Adams approached the ring in an attempt to call Rufguts off, before James Shaw hurtled to the ringside area with a folding chair and sent both Dream Catcher and Rufguts scattering.

Idol slowly returned to his feet and shared a tense face-off with Shaw before the two appeared to let bygones be bygones and hugged in the middle of the ring, joining forces to combat Dream Catcher and Rufguts’ partnership for the benefit of NZWPW.

NZWPW Bringing Down the House Results:

  • He Toa Cup:
    Double Count-Out: Chad Howard (c) vs. Adam Avalanche

    The action spilled through the ropes and a collision with the ring post left both men unable to return to the ring before the referee’s 10-count. As such, Chad Howard retains the He Toa Cup.

  • Amy St Clere & Paul Sayers def. Nick Silver & Sonya Meyers
    “That Young Warrior” doubled Nick Silver over and dished out an Infinitiser, the finishing move of his usual tag team partner Chad Howard, to pick up the victory for he and St Clere in this mixed tag team bout.

  • Skull Kid def. Scravenge
    Skull Kid survived the brawling style of Scravenge and being whipped against the exposed turnbuckles, eventually driving Scravenge to the mat with a leaping inverted STO for the win.

  • James Shaw def. Mikey
    Mikey appeared ready to use the guitar he debuted at Power Play X but the familiar theme music of Taylor Adams stopped him in his tracks. While Adams was nowhere to be seen, Shaw took advantage of the distraction and put Mikey on the mat for a fist drop from the middle rope to take home the victory.

  • Junior Right 2 Challenge:
    Hayden Thiele def. Jade Priest, Kauri Walker and Krash

    Hayden Thiele waited in the wings in this inter-promotional battle with SCW’s young lions, picking the right moment to take advantage of the other wrestlers’ efforts and steal a pin. As such, Thiele earns a He Toa Cup match at a later date.

  • Thor def. Scoove
    Thor, who won a battle royal at Power Play X, returned to action and had little trouble putting Scoove away with a big chokeslam.

  • NZWPW Championship:
    Ben Mana (c) def. Johnny Idol

    Mana made his first defence of the NZWPW Championship and managed to overcome Johnny Idol once again, pinning his opponent after a Maori Spike and Mana Slam.