Rip Morgan makes KPW Championship vacant

The KPW Championship has been vacated and will be decided in a match at Halloween Howl 7.

KPW CEO Rip Morgan made the announcement on late Sunday night, stripping then-champion Whetu the Maori Warrior of his title effective immediately.

Whetu currently resides in Queensland, Australia, where he and Jade Diamond hold the PPW tag team titles, and has been unable to return to New Zealand to defend the KPW Championship since winning the title at Halloween Howl last year.

“Whetu has been both a shining light and a rising star within the KPW roster,” Morgan said. “He has done himself proud through his amazing success to last year, managing to snatch the title from Shane Whitehead.”

Whitehead, the former champion now competing as Shane Sinclair, has yet to receive a rematch for the belt.

As such, he has been selected by KPW management to compete for the vacant title on November 2.

Sinclair’s opponent will be Mr Samoa, the hulking 130 kilogram competitor who has been almost unstoppable since making his KPW debut.

Whoever wins the KPW Championship will then advance to the night’s main event, a triple threat non-title bout with NZWPW Champion Ben Mana and SCW Champion “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn.

KPW Halloween Howl 7, November 2, Wellington High School, from 7.30pm. Tickets from