Champs battle to no contest at Final Countdown

Three New Zealand champions have battled to a no contest in an historic bout in Ngaio this past Friday.

Ben Mana, the NZWPW Champion, clashed with KPW Champion “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair and SCW Champion “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn on his home turf at NZWPW’s last show of the year.

All three men did their respective promotions proud at The Final Countdown, before Rufguts’ stablemates, Dream Catcher and JC Star of The Nobodies, hit the ring and forced the match to be thrown out.

The Nobodies’ interference would empty the entire locker room – bolstered with talent from KPW as well as the NZWPW regulars – leading to a massive inter-promotional brawl to end the evening.

Despite the lack of a winner (for the second month in a row now after the original triple threat bout was altered at KPW Halloween Howl 7) Ben Mana was in good spirits after the match.

“Those guys took me well within my limits and even though a winner could not be determined all three of us left it all in that ring and fought like true champions,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Earlier in the night, KPW Women’s Champion Scarlett wracked up her second title defence, narrowly holding onto the title against NZWPW’s Misty.

Scarlett took a brutal Raging Thunder from Misty, but knocked the referee down in the process, meaning there was no one to count the pin as Misty covered the women’s champ.

Misty had to break her cover and revive the referee, which allowed Scarlett time to recover.

Scarlett then stunned Misty with a right hand and took her to the mat with a fisherman’s suplex which proved enough to keep the challenger down and allow Scarlett to hold onto the KPW Women’s Championship.

Former tag team partners Mikey and Taylor Adams will clash over the He Toa Cup in 2014 after both men won their semi final bouts in the tournament for the vacant title.

Adams overcame former champ “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate, while Mikey beat up-and-coming Skull Kid.

NZWPW The Final Countdown Results:

  • Kade Morgan def. Bryant
  • He Toa Cup Semi Final:
    Taylor Adams def. “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate w/ JC Star
  • He Toa Cup Semi Final:
    Mikey def. Skull Kid
  • D-Hoya def. JC Star w/ “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate
  • KPW Women’s Championship:
    Scarlett (c) def. Misty
  • Santa Bowl Battle Royal:
    Chad Howard def. Adam Avalanche, El Condor, Hayden Thiele, Jade Priest, Mr Silver, and “Silencer” Jean Miracle
  • No Contest: Ben Mana vs. “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn vs. “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair