Final Countdown takes shape at BDTH

Ben Mana remains NZWPW Champion after Bringing Down the House but his biggest challenge may still be ahead of him.

Mana retained his title against KPW’s Kade Morgan in Friday’s main event, but was blindsided by KPW Champion, and Morgan’s former tag team partner, Shane Sinclair after the bout.

Sinclair then laid down a challenge to Mana, proposing the two champions meet in a non-title affair at The Final Countdown this Friday, only to be interrupted by SCW Champion Rufguts also throwing his name into the mix.

NZWPW CWO Rehua then made the decision to book all three men in the triple threat non-title bout originally scheduled to have taken place at KPW Halloween Howl 7.

While some of the focus of Friday’s Bringing Down the House may have been on The Final Countdown, the He Toa Cup tournament began with four quarter final matches.

“Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate overcame “That Young Warrior” Paul Sayers in the first quarter final of the night and left a big question mark over Sayers’ NZWPW status.

The tag team titleholder grabbed a microphone after the match and cast some doubt over his status as an in-ring competitor, but ultimately told the audience he would be back in action in 2014.

Sayers’ tag team partner, former He Toa Cup holder Chad Howard, failed in his quarter final match as well, being overcome by Skull Kid.

Taylor Adams made his journey up from Blenheim worthwhile with a win over Mr Silver to advance to a semi-final match with Woodgate this week.

Mikey, Adams’ former tag team partner, usurped Hayden Thiele, the original number one contender to the He Toa Cup, in his quarter final bout, and will now face Skull Kid at The Final Countdown.

NZWPW Bringing Down the House Results:

  • He Toa Cup Quarter Final:
    “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate w/ JC Star def. “That Young Warrior” Paul Sayers
  • He Toa Cup Quarter Final:
    Taylor Adams def. Mr Silver
  • He Toa Cup Quarter Final:
    Skull Kid def. Chad Howard
  • He Toa Cup Quarter Final:
    Mikey def. Hayden Thiele
  • Jade Priest def. El Horseo
  • Misty def. Chi-Tah
  • NZWPW Championship:
    Ben Mana (c) def. Kade Morgan
  • The Nobodies w/ “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate def. D-Hoya & Johnny Idol