Morgan and Youngblood set for rubber match

Kade Morgan and Rhys Youngblood meet in a rubber match at tonight’s Maniacs United Heat Smash event.

The two men first met at KPW Cossie Carnage, where Youngblood, new to the New Zealand scene, got the better of Morgan in his KPW debut.

Eager to wrestle again, the two were involved in a triple threat also featuring Shane Sinclair at Maniacs Strikes Back, where Morgan was able to take back the win and pin Youngblood.

With momentum on his side, Morgan once again bested Youngblood, this time one-on-one at KPW’s Halloween Howl 7 in November.

With one win each in singles competition, the scores are tied. But in just over an hour, one man will get the edge in this potential feud-ender.

Will Youngblood start 2014 off with a win, or will Morgan continue to build momentum and get the better of the former FCW star yet again?

Morgan versus Youngblood takes place tonight at Maniacs United Heat Smash, from 7.30pm at Fruitvale School in New Lynn, Auckland. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are available on the door. The card, subject to change, is listed below.

Maniacs United Heat Smash Card:

  • Kingston Eclipse vs. Tank
  • Kade Morgan vs. Rhys Youngblood
  • Bolta vs. Rise
  • Brock Slade vs. JPE