Triple threat scheduled for Maniacs United

Maniacs United teams up with KPW this Saturday in Auckland. However, this is not to be a friendly affair.

At Maniacs United’s Heat Smash event in January, Kingston Eclipse won what was supposed to be a triple threat match. It turned out to be more of a two-on-one handicap match as both of his opponents were KPW boys.

A Pinch & A Punch’s triple threat should be more even: Charlie Roberts is from KPW, but Hotaru is from Maniacs United. While this does have the potential to be bad news for Charlie Roberts, Eclipse is far too humble and fair minded to team up against one person.

In other news, JPE has an opportunity to continue her storied rivalry with KPW’s Scarlett. Unfortunately for JPE, she has to go through two of Maniacs United’s up-and-comers first.

She will take on O’Beast in her first match. If she wins, she will face Rise in her second match. Then, only if she wins that second match, she will face Scarlett in a KPW Women’s Championship match.

This is only the second time that championship has been defended in Auckland, both times against JPE. JPE will do all she can to get her hands on that championship, and being the veteran that she is, it will not be a surprise to see her squirm her way to at least the third match.

This will be her hardest fight. Scarlett is one of New Zealand’s toughest female athletes.

When JPE tweeted a picture from a former encounter between the two, Scarlett replied that she wasn’t fazed, saying “I’m ready for you… if you make it.”

JPE responded crassly: “The motivation to see my foot down your throat is enough to get me through eight opponents”. JPE has all it takes to run the gauntlet and become champion, but Scarlett has all it takes to stop her.

Maniacs United’s A Pinch & A Punch takes place this Saturday, March 1, at 2/335 Sandringham Road. Click here for a map. Doors open at 6:30pm with the first match scheduled for 7pm. Tickets are available at the door ($15 for adults, $8 for children). The card, subject to change, is listed below.

Maniacs United A Pinch & Punch Card:

  • Charlie Roberts vs. Hotaru vs. Kingston Eclipse
  • KPW Women’s Championship, Gauntlet Match:
    JPE vs. O’Beast, Rise, and Scarlett (c)
  • Shadow Ninja vs. Stix