Mana retains, Nobodies retreat at BDTH

140303_bdthBen Mana remains NZWPW Champion after a heated battle with Axl at Bringing Down the House 37.

Axl was not the only man Mana had to contend with though, as “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn attempted to cash in his Right 2 Challenge directly after the match.

Mana endured a lot of punishment from Axl, and was bleeding from the forehead by the time he put Axl away with a Maori Spike.

No sooner had the bell sounded than Gunn, accompanied by “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate and JC Star, strode to the ring with his Right 2 Challenge contract in hand.

Gunn handed the contract to referee Damian Skyfire and things appeared almost official, but D-Hoya raced to the ring and scattered The Nobodies, stopping his long-term rival “Rufguts” from taking advantage of Mana’s weakened state.

D-Hoya and Mana then performed a haka to further show their unity as The Nobodies retreated, waiting for another day to enact their master plan.

Mikey claimed the He Toa Cup after bending the rules in his tournament final match with Taylor Adams.

Whether accidentally or not, Mikey collided with referee Damian Skyfire in the corner of the ring, temporarily knocking the official unconscious.

Taylor Adams would then knock Mikey unconscious with a spinebuster, but with no referee to count the pin the match continued.

Mikey rolled out of the ring and grabbed his guitar while Adams tried to revive the referee.

With Skyfire stirring, Adams reached through the ropes to bring Mikey back into the ring and was met with a guitar to the face.

Mikey then rolled Adams up, complete with a handful of the southern man’s trunks, to secure the win and take home the vacant He Toa Cup.

NZWPW Bringing Down the House 37 Results:

  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship:
    The 20/20 Experience (c) def. Hayden Thiele & Jade Priest
    Tensions are rising between the NZWPW Tag Team Champions. Chad Howard placed Paul Sayers’ foot on the bottom rope to save him from being pinned by Jade Priest, and then finished the challengers to retain the titles. Sayers was not happy with the result though, claiming he would have lost the match and Thiele and Priest should be the new titleholders. As a result, Sayers challenged Howard to select a partner for a tag team match at the next Bringing Down the House event.

  • Misty def. Sonya Meyers
    Meyers was no match for Misty, who finished the rookie grappler with a curb-stomp.

  • Kade Morgan def. Osiris
    Kade Morgan’s experience shone through and he was ultimately able to pin Osiris following a Gourdbuster.

  • He Toa Cup:
    Mikey def. Taylor Adams

    Mikey waited until the referee had been knocked down, when he introduced his guitar to the match. After smashing the guitar against long-time rival Adams’ face, Mikey rolled up his former tag team partner with a handful of Adams’ tights to ensure there was no way Adams could kick out.

  • No Contest: Kauri Walker vs. “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn w/ “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate & JC Star
    After last month’s unanswered challenge to Johnny Idol, “Rufguts” again called out his former Project Mayhem stablemate. “Dream Catcher” and JC Star came to the ring, dragging SCW’s Kauri Walker with them, who they had dressed as Idol. Despite Walker’s protests that he was not Johnny Idol, Gunn began to attack his much smaller, younger opponent, until D-Hoya hit the ring.

  • JC Star & “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn w/ “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate def. D-Hoya & Kauri Walker
    Now a tag team bout, the odds were closer to being even as D-Hoya fought alongside Kauri Walker. Gunn was able to get the pin on his fake Johnny Idol after JC Star took out Hoya with a suicide dive though, leaving Walker exposed for a Rufdriver.

  • Shane Sinclair def. Bryant
    In a battle of power versus technique Sinclair proved technique to be the winner when he submitted Bryant in a spinning heel hook.

  • NZWPW Championship:
    Ben Mana (c) def. Axl
    Both men traded each other’s signature moves, but ultimately Mana’s Maori Spike was the one to keep Axl on the mat for the three-count.