NZWPW: Mikey mystery partner, wins match for Howard

The feud between NZWPW tag champs Chad Howard and Paul Sayers became caught up with Mikey and Taylor Adams’ rivalry at Bringing Down the House: Beatdown.

Sayers selected Adams to be his partner for the bout earlier this week, while Howard waited until moments before the match to introduce his partner, Mikey.

The grudge match between two sets of rivals was further complicated by Mikey’s He Toa Cup, which must be defended at all events held at the He Toa Gym.

The winner of the match would not not only receive bragging rights, but also walk away with the title.

Eventually Mikey was able to pin Adams, retaining his title and getting the best of his former partner once more.

The win theoretically makes Chad Howard the better tag team wrestler between he and Paul Sayers, but with neither of the tag champs involved in the fall, it’s safe to say their issues have yet to be resolved.

NZWPW Bringing Down the House 37 Results:

  • Hayden Thiele def. Kauri Walker
  • Scarlett def Sonya Myers
  • No Contest: Axl vs. Bryant
  • He Toa Cup:
    Mikey (c) & Chad Howard def. Paul Sayers & Taylor Adams
  • Jade Priest w/ Hayden Thiele def. Osiris w/ Axl
  • “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair def. “3G” Kade Morgan
  • Ben Mana & D-Hoya def. The Nobodies (JC Star & “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn)