Banks vs. Chaos added to New Heights

140424_bankschaosCurt Chaos has a chance to prove he belongs in the IPW title picture when he takes on Travis Banks at New Heights next month.

IPW Director Daniel Burnell rewarded Chaos with the non-title match during this week’s edition of the IPW Informer.

“I was so proud of Curt Chaos’ effort in the Eliminator I’m going to give him a one-on-one match against Travis Banks,” Burnell told IPW’s Ben Kettell. “He’s going to put himself in there with the New Zealand Heavyweight Champion and show his wares.”

Chaos, part of Burnell’s Investment group, has been somewhat of a thorn in Banks’ side in recent months.

The Armageddon Cup Champion has had his nose in Banks’ business ever since Banks returned from the United States and began pursuing the IPW Championship, held at the time by Vinny Dunn.

Chaos also defeated Banks, with a little help from The Investment, during the quarter-final stage of the Armageddon Cup tournament last October.

Can Chaos sneak a second win over Banks and prove he belongs at the top level of IPW, or will Banks finally get his chance to take care of a problem that has plagued him for months?