NZPWI Rankings (April 2014)

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Liam Fury

Liam Fury outlasted 19 other men to win the IPW Eliminator at Genesis and earn a guaranteed IPW Championship match whenever, and wherever, he decides. The former Ninja may have won Eliminators in the past, but the IPW Championship, currently held by Travis Banks, has never seemed so close.



April was a good month for TnT, who not only eliminated their arch-rivals The Agents of Change from the IPW Eliminator, but also got the duo to agree to a ladder match for the IPW tag team titles at next month’s New Heights event. TK Cooper’s singles victory against Jakob Cross can’t hurt TnT’s momentum either.


Travis Banks

Travis Banks was out of action in New Zealand for the month of April, wresting across the ditch in Adelaide for Wrestle Rampage and Snakepit Pro Wrestling instead. Regardless, Banks is still riding the momentum from his victory against James Shaw in “The Ultimate Match” last month, and the reigning IPW Champion.


The Agents of Change

The Investment’s Agents of Change may have buckled under the pressure from TnT at Genesis, but Aaron Henry and Jakob Cross are still the IPW Tag Team Champions, and will be anything but easy to defeat at next months’ New Heights.


Kade Morgan

Kade Morgan had the most active April out of anyone in the New Zealand scene, wrestling on NZWPW’s Brooklyn Brawl, and again for Maniacs United in Auckland at the end of the month. Morgan pulled double-duty at Brooklyn Brawl and won both his matches, making him a serious threat, perhaps to Shane Sinclair’s KPW Championship, or to anything else he goes after.


James Shaw

James Shaw bounced back from his March loss to Travis Banks with a win over Liger at IPW Genesis. Shaw was also one of the final four men left in the IPW Eliminator, before being double-teamed by Curt Chaos and Vinny Dunn of The Investment.



Despite Evie’s imminent return, Britenay is the Interim IPW Women’s Champion, and led herself and Carmen Rose to victory against Beatrice Priestley and Olivia Shaw at Genesis, pinning Beatrice after hitting her Extreme Makeover.



Scarlett continues to be a fighting champion defending her KPW women’s title on other promotions’ shows, and retained her title against JPE and Misty at NZWPW Brooklyn Brawl, all the while wrestling on a broken ankle.


Paul Sayers

The 20/20 Experience continue to bicker over who the better tag wrestler of the team is, but Paul Sayers got the edge over Chad Howard at NZWPW Brooklyn Brawl when he scored a six-man tag victory over Howard’s team in the night’s main event.


Ben Mana

NZWPW Champion Ben Mana got involved in the feud between Chad Howard and Paul Sayers at Brooklyn Brawl, being selected by Sayers as Howard’s mystery opponent. Mana defeated Howard with relative ease in the non-title bout, and sent a message to anyone looking to challenge him for the NZWPW Championship in the process.