MCW: Mixed results for New Zealand competitors

It was a night of mixed results for the New Zealand competitors at MCW’s New Horizons event this past Saturday.

Slade Mercer suffered a loss in his Melbourne City Wrestling debut when he was beaten by JXT in what must be considered an upset victory.

Toni Storm, meanwhile, was more successful but still came up short of her ultimate goal.

Storm overcame Siren Monroe on the bonus women’s card before MCW New Horizons officially began, NHB Girls reports, and advanced to a triple threat bout against Demi Bennett and Savannah Summers for the RCW Women’s Championship.

Storm was unsuccessful in her second match of the night though, and Bennett retained her title.

Mercer remains in Melbourne, while Storm will embark on a tour of the United Kingdom, next wrestling at British Empire Wrestling’s Rise of an Empire event on July 6.