Two new tag bouts announced for Escalation

140610_3on2Things are indeed escalating between The Investment and The Origin with a big feature three-on-two handicap match announced for IPW’s aptly-named Escalation event next month.

As a result of the Origin’s involvement in the New Heights main event, Alexander and Alfred Valentine will take on the team of Vinny Dunn and the Agents of Change, Aaron Henry and Jakob Cross.

Even with the numbers against them, The Origin appear supremely confident heading into their July 5 clash with The Investment.

“Here’s the problem, The Investment have been running roughshod for too long,” Valentine proclaimed on the IPW Informer.

“We’re not just two bodies any more, we’re not just two beating hearts. The bricks, the mortar keeps coming, that wall keeps growing, and AOC don’t have a ladder tall enough to climb over that.”

In a more traditional, two-on-two tag team match set for Escalation, Project Mayhem reunites as James Shaw and Johnny Idol take on The Pride.

Idol tagged with Mason Daniels at New Heights to take on Liger in what seemed to be a handicap match until a second Liger emerged through the crowd and joined the first Liger to decimate both Daniels and Idol.

James Shaw saved the pair from a post-match beatdown, and now he and Idol are out for revenge.

Project Mayhem are an accomplished tag team, having held the NZWPW Tag Team Championships for a number of months, though the pair has never come up against anything quite like The Pride before.

In addition to these matches, Escalation will be headlined by a lumberjack match with The Investment surrounding the ring while Travis Banks defends the IPW Championship against Curt Chaos.