New Zealanders return home after MCW Clash of the Titans

140811_banksmcwEvie, Marcus Kool, and Travis Banks return to New Zealand this week after competing at MCW’s Clash of the Titans event in Melbourne on Saturday.

Banks found himself on the losing end of a triple threat match against Chris Vice and KrackerJak.

The former IPW Champion removed Vice from the ring with a missile dropkick, but was cut down by a spear from KrackerJak which netted the Mad Bastard the win.

Evie narrowly lost to New Zealand-born Toni Storm in what is being described as one of the best women’s matches in MCW history.

Marcus Kool and Slade Mercer were also unsuccessful in their six-man tag team contest.

Kool and Mercer were joined by Hard Way Inc’s Mike Burr, who turned his back on Australia to take on BJ Hudson, Lochy Hendricks, and Muteki.

In a battle for national pride, Team Australia got the better of Team New Zealand, with Marcus Kool on the losing end of the fall.

MCW Clash of the Titans is expected to be made available for on-demand viewing later this week.