Paul Sayers out for revenge

140826_sayersHe was taken out of NZWPW by a three-on-one attack at the hands of The Nobodies, but it appears Paul Sayers is back, and out for revenge.

A video, uploaded to Sayers’ YouTube account, shows the events of Live Pro Wrestling in May, where Sayers was attacked after his final match with NZWPW by Dream Catcher, JC Star, and Rufguts.

As the video continues, Sayers removes his hood and utters one word, “Revenge!” while a clip of Rufguts delivering a Rufdriver plays.

Sayers walked away from NZWPW after May’s Live Pro Wrestling event to address some nagging health concerns. He explained his condition to NZPWI earlier this year:

My right shoulder-blade is no longer properly connected to my spine. It’s kind of wrapping around the front of my body a little bit. I don’t know what that’s from or why it’s like that but it is there so it’s something I just have to make sure can come back into place otherwise, if I don’t give it time to rest it’s highly unlikely it’ll move back to where it should be.

Sayrers could not be reached to provide an update on his current physical condition.

Three months have passed since Sayers announced his decision to step away from the ring, so it is possible the 21-year-old’s shoulder-blade has corrected itself, and a return to the ring could be on the horizon.

Sayers seemed to be testing the water when he accompanied NZWPW Tag Team Champions The Wainui Express to ringside at Over the Top earlier this month for their title match against The Nobodies.

Might Sayers make a return to the ring at NZWPW Beat Down?

NZWPW Beat Down takes place this Friday, August 29, at the He Toa Gym in Petone.