Power in your hands for IPW September Selection

It’s your fight and your night tonight at IPW September Selection, with the fate of the card placed entirely in the hands of the public.

Fury defends the IPW Championship against Travis Banks for the second time, with IPW fans being given the power to select the type of match the two will compete in.

Advance internet voting has a two-out-of-three falls bout comfortably in the lead—ahead of a September Street Fight, and a Submission Match—but with the live audience at the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall being given the chance to vote as well, any of the stipulations could be selected for what is sure to be a must-see match.

Voting has been a lot tighter when comes to which of the Agents of Change Alfred Valentine should face.

Aaron Henry had a narrow lead over Jakob Cross in the online poll this morning, but Valentine had better be prepared for either member of The Investment ahead of what will be an intensely personal match either way, following The Origin’s loss to The Investment at Rival Turf.

Also at September Selection, IPW Women’s Champion Britenay takes on the effeminate Brook Duncan in a “Battle of the Sexes” with fans given the chance to select a special referee to call the action.

So far Megan Kate has a commanding lead in the polls—ahead of Beatrice Priestley and Taylor Adams—but voting isn’t over yet, so anything could happen by bell time at tonight’s event.

Click here to visit the voting page for IPW September Selection and have your say in the way tonight’s event will play out.

IPW September Selection takes place tonight, September 20, from 7pm at the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall.

IPW September Selection Card:

  • IPW Championship, 2-out-of-3 Falls Match OR Street Fight OR Submission Match:
    Fury (c) vs. Travis Banks
  • Alfred Valentine vs. Aaron Henry OR Jakob Cross
  • Britenay vs. Brook Duncan [Special Referee: Beatrice Priestley OR Megan Kate OR Taylor Adams]
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    TnT (c) vs. The Pride
  • Johnny Idol vs. Khan
  • Burns & Pat Schisk vs. Elias & Joel Clementson