Rufguts and Sayers brawl at Beat Down

While neither man was announced as part of NZWPW Beat Down, Paul Sayers and “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn stole the show with a wild brawl at the end of Friday’s event.

Ben Mana and JC Star faced off in the scheduled main event of the evening, which ended when Dream Catcher blew a handful of Dream Dust directly into Mana’s eyes, in full view of the referee, who called for a disqualification.

Dream Catcher and JC Star began to attack Mana post-match, and were joined by NZWPW Champion Rufguts.

All three Nobodies continued to attack Mana, the former holder of the NZWPW Championship, until Paul Sayers’ theme music echoed throughout the He Toa Gym and stopped all three in their tracks.

Sayers—who had vowed to exact revenge on The Nobodies for their attack on him after what was to be his retirement match at Live Pro Wrestling in May—tore to the ring and sent Dream Catcher and JC Star scattering.

Mana chased Dream Catcher and Star to the back, leaving Rufguts and Sayers alone in the ring.

Both men traded hard shots with neither backing down, until Rufguts’ demand for Sayers to “hit me harder” was met with a particularly potent right-hand that staggered the NZWPW Champion.

As the action spilled out of the ring, Rufguts regained control when he whipped Sayers against the ring steps and then brought the NZWPW Championship into the ring.

Before Rufguts could blast Sayers with the belt, Sayers fired off a superkick that drove the title into Rufguts’ chest and sent him spilling through the ropes again.

Sayers grabbed a microphone and issued a challenge to Rufguts – a one-on-one match for the NZWPW Championship at this Friday’s Bringing Down the House event.

Rufguts’ answer was to spit in Sayers’ face.

Sayers would have the last laugh in this wild brawl though, as he shot off the ropes and launched himself at Rufguts to take out the Nobodies’ leader with a suicide dive.

Both men then traded shots as they battled their way up the entrance way and to the locker-room area where they were presumably separated by the rest of the NZWPW roster.

NZWPW Beat Down Results:

  • Dream Catcher w/ JC Star def. Skull Kid
  • KPW Women’s Championship:
    Scarlett (c) def. Misty
  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship:
    The Wainui Express (c) def. Bryant & Chad Howard via count-out
  • Shane Sinclair def. The Ram
  • He Toa Cup:
    Mr Silver (c) def. Axl and Kade Morgan
  • Ben Mana def. JC Star w/ Dream Catcher via disqualification