Jay White beaten at NJPW BOSJ event

150531_jaywhiteNew Zealand’s Jay White suffered defeat in a tag team match during Saturday’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors event.

White, 22, tagged with Tiger Mask against Barbaro Cavernario and Chase Owens.

Cavernario and Owens worked together to keep White in their half of the ring and not allow him to tag NJPW veteran Tiger Mask. Their strategy eventually fell apart when White dazed Owens with a DDT and finally made the tag.

Tiger Mask took the fight to his opponents and floored Owens with a Tiger Bomb before tagging White back into the match.

White took to the top rope and nailed Owens with a missile dropkick. He then fired off a series of forearm shots to the former NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion before Owens caught him with a double-knee facebreaker.

Barbaro Cavernario knocked Tiger Mask from the ring apron to prevent White from tagging out and Owens drilled the New Zealander with a package piledriver for the win.

The loss is White’s sixth since the Best of the Super Juniors tournament began last Friday, May 22.