Knox wins Eliminator, guaranteed title shot

KNOX OUT: Dal Knox outlasted 19 other men to win a guaranteed shot at the IPW Championship. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

KNOX OUT: Dal Knox outlasted 19 other men to win a guaranteed shot at the IPW Championship. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

When he returned to IPW at The Rush For Gold last month, Dal Knox told everyone he wanted to win the 2015 Eliminator. This past Saturday, Knox made good on his promise.

“The Deal” outlasted 19 other men at Genesis: The Eliminator to win the 2015 Eliminator and a guaranteed shot at the IPW Championship.

This year’s Eliminator was as eventful as any other, with TK Cooper entering the match at number one after having lost to Travis Banks (who would join the bout at number 20) in the first match on the Genesis card. Cooper went the distance and was able to eliminate Banks to get a measure of revenge before he was surprisingly tossed over the top rope by Origin stablemate Alfred Valentine.

Ultimately, the match boiled down to Dal Knox and “English Hooligan” Marcus Kool.

Knox, a veteran of the Eliminator dating back to the first iteration of the match at the 2006 NZPWI Invitational, withstood Kool’s offence and hoisted the Englishman onto his shoulders for a Knox Out. “The Deal” covered Kool moments later to win the 2015 Eliminator.

IPW Genesis: The Eliminator Results:

  • Eliminator Entry Match (Winner Receives Number 20, Loser Receives Number 1):
    Travis Banks def. TK Cooper

    Banks brought his selfie stick into the ring and, once the referee turned his back on the match to remove it, nailed Cooper with a low-blow before rolling him up for a tainted victory.
  • IPW Women’s Championship, Mask vs. Title, No Disqualification Match:
    Britenay (c) def. Ligress

    Britenay agreed to a no disqualification stipulation on the condition there would be no interference from The Pride. Neither woman expected Megan-Kate to get involved in the title bout though – but MK made it clear she would be the next contender to the women’s title when she attacked both Britenay and Ligress with her trademark baseball bat. The match continued after Megan-Kate left the ring, and Britenay ultimately smashed Ligress to the mat with the Extreme Makeover to retain the IPW Women’s Championship. Post-match, Britenay unmasked her opponent to reveal Ligress’ true identity, Olivia Shaw.
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    The Jukebox Heroes def. The Pride (c) via disqualification

    The Jukebox Heroes answered The Pride’s open challenge but were attacked by Brook Duncan and Dave O’Connor before the match had properly begun. The Pride were adamant their challenge was still open, until The Iwi attempted to answer it. Instead, Kingi and Vinny Dunn will face The Pride at IPW Unleashed next month.
  • Marcus Kool def. Johnny Idol
    Marcus Kool used the referee as a human shield, dragging him into Johnny Idol’s path as Idol attempted to strike The English Hooligan. Idol pulled back so as not to strike the official, and Kool stepped out from behind the referee with a Kool Intentions superkick to pick up the win.
  • Aaron Henry & James Shaw w/ Alfred Valentine def. Fury & Jakob Cross w/ Daniel Burnell
    Aaron Henry proved to be a great choice of partner for James Shaw, striking Fury down with a Saiyan Punch while Shaw dished out a DVD to Jakob Cross.
  • 2015 Eliminator:
    “The Deal” Dal Knox eliminated Marcus Kool to win

    With 18 men eliminated and the match down to Knox and Kool, The Deal hoisted The English Hooligan onto his shoulders for a spectacular Knox Out before pinning Kool to win the 2015 Eliminator.