Scarlett challenges for two Australian titles

kpw-champ-scarlett (2)KPW Women’s Champion Scarlett has the opportunity to pick up two more titles this evening.

The Tart with a Heart takes on Izzy Shaw, Kellyanne, and Vixsin for Kellyanne’s Pacific Pro Wrestling (PPW) and WarZone women’s titles at the Platinum Wrestling Enterprises Dangerzone event in Melbourne.

Despite having a “sketchy” win-loss record, as described by Platinum staff, the unpredictable nature of a fatal four-way gives Scarlett her greatest chance of netting Kellyanne’s championships and becoming the first New Zealand-based wrestler to hold two Australian women’s titles.

“Made sure I left room in my bags for the WarZone and Pacific Pro titles,” she optimistically wrote on her Facebook page.

Win or lose the Dangerzone fatal four-way, Scarlett, Izzy Shaw and Kellyanne will head to Tasmanian Championship Wrestling (TCW) tomorrow night (Saturday, September 26) to compete in a non-title triple threat at TCW Road to Annihilation.