Trial By Combat becomes a family affair

PULL-APART: Jakob Cross and James Shaw had to be separated by the IPW roster at Trial By Combat

PULL-APART: Jakob Cross and James Shaw had to be separated by the IPW roster at Trial By Combat

Saturday night’s grudge match ended in controversy after Jakob Cross and Dal Knox wrestled to a no contest at IPW Trial by Combat.

The match started in chaos as Knox took down Cross with a plancha before Daniel Burnell’s monster had a chance to enter the ring. Knox would use this advantage and hold control for the early part of the match.  

However, Cross would regain control later on with a series of powerful moves including his devastating Organ Grinder. Burnell would take the opportunity to taunt Knox as Cross continued to decimate The Deal.

It was about this time the fans began to lay into the IPW Champion – none more so than James Shaw’s mother, who happened to be sitting ringside. Not taking kindly to her words, Cross left the ring to confront her. Then everything went south fast.

James Shaw’s father, also ringside, stood before the monster to make sure he didn’t get any ideas. That simply provoked Cross, who dragged Mr Shaw over the rails and began to pummel him. 

Not willing to stay backstage and watch, James Shaw stormed through the curtain to defend his father. The entire locker room then had to pile out to keep Cross and Shaw separated and Burnell was forced to call an abrupt end to the event.

IPW Trial By Combat Results:

  • Kendo Stick Match:
    James Shaw def. No Face
  • Brook Duncan def. Travis Banks
  • IPW Women’s Championship:
    Megan Kate (c) def. Britenay and Carmen Rose
  • Marcus Kool & Mr Burns w/ Mauler Clementson def. Team Kick (Evie & Liam Fury)
  • Curt Chaos w/ Miss Rivers def. Aaron Henry via count-out
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    The Iwi (c) def. Khan & Michael Richards w/ Benjamin Keane
  • Johnny Idol w/ Dion McCracken def. Elliot Sexton
  • No Contest: Dal Knox vs. Jakob Cross w/ Daniel Burnell