Gail Kim Interview

After almost two decades in professional wrestling, Gail Kim is a bona fide Hall of Famer. Impact Wrestling inducted Kim into its Hall of Fame in 2016, corroborating her career and contributions to the company.

“I always joked around that once that happened that was my sign to retire,” she said. “That was kind of the last thing where I said, ‘You know what? I can walk away tomorrow and feel very satisfied with how my career went,’ and I’m extremely proud.”

The Hall of Fame induction is just one on a long list of accomplishments for Kim over her 17 years in the ring. Kim is a former WWE Women’s Champion and record-equalling six-time Knockouts Champion. And while retirement does loom for Kim, who turns 41 in February, she has her sights set on one last title reign.

Kim will compete for the Knockouts Championship against Allie, Sienna, and Taryn Terrell at Bound For Glory in Ottawa, Ontario—a long-overdue return home for the Canadian.

“I don’t even remember the last time I was in Canada wrestling, to be honest, it’s been that long,” she said. “I’m relieved that I get to wrestle there before my retirement.”

Kim had planned to retire if Impact Wrestling returned to the United Kingdom, before the Bound For Glory location was announced.

“I really wanted to be in front of those fans,” she said. “I didn’t think Canada would be a possibility so [Bound For Glory] all fell into place perfectly for me. It’s a dream come true to be able to wrestle in Canada again. Not just that but it’s a very meaningful night, Bound For Glory. It’s actually the 10-year anniversary of our Knockouts title.”

Kim has been synonymous with the Knockouts Championship for much of its 10-year history. Her rivalry with Awesome Kong helped put the division on the map and had fans talking of a women’s revolution in 2008. Kim also regards her feud with Taryn Terrell – one of the three women she’ll face at Bound For Glory – as another of the best in her nine years with Impact Wrestling.

Bound For Glory presents an opportunity for a changing of the guard within the Knockouts division. And that’s something Kim doesn’t shy away from.

“I love the aspect that we have two that represent the future and then two that represent the past of the Knockouts division,” she said, before heaping praise on Allie.

“She’s been wrestling for a really long time – [a] fellow Canadian, really talented – she’s been more of a character these days but I feel like she’s going to start transitioning to show what she can do in the ring.”

Kim also has high praise for Sienna, even if she’s got the one thing Gail wants at Bound For Glory.

“The very first time I wrestled [Sienna] was on an all-girls pay-per-view and … I remember thinking, ‘This girl’s got it,'” Kim said.

“She obviously knows what she’s doing and has been wrestling a long time so even though she’s the new generation she still has a lot of experience behind her. I feel like she represents the Knockouts very well… but I think it’s time for a new champion.”