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SmackDown: Shield alumni score big wins

It was a good night for former Shield members Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on SmackDown, with both Hounds of Justice scoring big victories. Roman Reigns headlined Sunday’s broadcast against former world champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio was surprisingly dominant against the Shield’s powerhouse, but Reigns eventually set his...


Main Event: Rusev disqualified after flag attack on Swagger

Jack Swagger and Rusev clashed in a battle for national pride yet again on Main Event, with the Russian flag becoming more than just a symbol and being physically involved in the match. After being counted-out at Battleground, Swagger was eager to avenge his loss to the Russian super-athlete, and...


Sammy V wins SCW Championship in Blenhiem

After years of chasing the title, Sammy V has finally won the SCW Championship. The Human Forklift smashed a battered, bleeding Rufguts through a table during their Blenheim Street Fight last night for a definitive victory at Marlborough Madness. Sammy V is now the fifth holder of the SCW title,...

DEAL WITH THE DEVIL: Liam Fury joins Daniel Burnell's Investment in order to win the IPW Championship. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

Fury wins IPW title at Trial by Combat

Liam Fury has beaten Travis Banks to become the new IPW Champion. Banks overcame every member of The Investment he was scheduled to face at Trial by Combat – including Curt Chaos in a tables match at the start of the night – but wasn’t expecting to be challenged by...


Banks runs gauntlet at Trial by Combat

Travis Banks faces the biggest threat to his IPW Championship reign tonight at Trial by Combat when he takes on The Investment in a gauntlet match. The odds are stacked firmly against Banks retaining his title. Banks holds victories over almost every member of The Investment, but never in back-to-back...


G5: Battleground, Brock Lesnar, Sting, more

Battleground is behind us – how did the pay-per-view stack up compared to everything else WWE has had to offer this year? Did Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins being pulled hurt the show? Brock Lesnar is the next challenger to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Will Lesnar be holding the...


SCW title defended in Blenheim Street Fight

Sammy V challenges “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn for the SCW Championship once again this Saturday at SCW Marlborough Madness. The number one contender’s position is not a new one for Sammy, who has been involved in the SCW title picture for a number of years. It looked as though Sammy may...


The Rock becomes a demigod

Just when you thought The Rock couldn’t get any bigger, the former WWE Champion takes his physique to new, super-human levels as the titular Greek demigod in Hercules, in cinemas now.


Raw: Triple H picks Plan C for SummerSlam

In the fallout from Battleground, Triple H searched to find a suitable SummerSlam opponent for WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena on Raw. By the end of the night he found the opponent, the one in 21-1, Brock Lesnar. Triple H kicked off the show to address the status of...


Battleground: Cena survives fatal four-way

John Cena remains WWE World Heavyweight Champion following Monday’s Battleground pay-per-view. Cena was able to pin Kane in a fatal four-way main event also featuring Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. Kane and Orton appeared to be working together in the early stages of the match, with Kane doing all he...