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Kevin Owens explains why he fights

Whether you’re familiar with him as Kevin Steen in Ring of Honor, or today will be your first chance to see the man now known as Kevin Owens, check out this video as Owens explains why he fights, then seen the man live as part of the NXT TakeOver: R...


NZPWI Roundtable: NXT R Evolution

It’s do-or-die for Sami Zayn when he receives one last shot at the NXT Championship during today’s NXT TakeOver: R Evolution special on WWE Network. If Zayn wins, he will become NXT Champion and end Neville’s record-setting reign, but if he loses, Zayn has promised to hang up his boots...


The Elliot Sexton Story

Elliot Sexton has arrived in New Zealand to take on Roger Ventura for the Commonwealth Championship at NAR Labs Live Pro Wrestling this evening. If you’re not familiar with Sexton’s work, find out a little bit about the Australian standout in this, a preview for his 35-minute documentary, The Elliot...


Gimme Five: True or False

It’s a special “True or False” edition of Gimme Five this week, as the team agrees or disagrees with five statements on everything from the return of the Anonymous General Manager, to the launch of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s streaming service NJPW World, to the allegations CM Punk made against WWE...


Ventura competes for Commonwealth gold

Roger Ventura will wrestle his first match on New Zealand soil in more than four years tomorrow night, with the vacant Commonwealth Championship on the line. Ventura takes on Australian standout Elliot Sexton—who is looking to avenge a loss he suffered against Ventura in 2012—at NAR Labs’ Live Pro Wrestling...


Suspension of disbelief

Whether it’s the Foot Locker Week of Greatness, or something else, John Cena is adamant you don’t have to believe something is real to enjoy it.


Goldust applies new facepaint design

How exactly does Goldust obtain his unique look for Raw and SmackDown every week? WWE’s YouTube  channel has condensed the 28-minute process into a two-minute time-lapse video as Goldust paints his face with his most recent design.


Upcoming WWE home video release dates

The latest release dates for WWE home videos has just been announced, as below: December 4, 2014: WWE Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story (DVD and BluRay) – plus a special edition with t-shirt, bandana and sunglasses WWE John Cena: Greatest Rivalries WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 WWE Slam...

HISTORIC: Sting made his first WWE appearance to cost The Authority the Survivor Series main event in St Louis earlier today. PHOTO:

Survivor Series: Sting costs The Authority

More than 13 years since World Championship Wrestling (WCW) went out of business, Sting made his first WWE appearance to hand The Authority defeat in the Survivor Series main event. The former six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion gave WWE COO Triple H a Scorpion Death Drop and dragged Dolph Ziggler...


Fury retains against Schisk at Last Chance

Pat Schisk came up short in his quest for the IPW Championship this past Saturday, when reigning titleholder Fury turned back the challenge from the Armageddon Cup Champion and made Schisk pass out in the Taupo Cray. Despite having been ejected from The Investment mere months ago, both men in...