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NZWPW Powerplay II Report
Mar 26, 2005 at 02:38 PM

NZWPW Powerplay II started with announcer Blair Rhodes interviewing "Dangerous" Dan "The Man" Stirling. The kickboxer revealed that he was to fight X-Rated that night in an attempt to take his #2 spot in's unofficial NZWPW rankings, and also to punish him for cheating his way to several victories over Stirling's friend Creed in the last few months.

The Hype opened with a hammerlock, transitioning into a schoolboy rollup for two. Another lockup saw The Hype move from a headlock to a sunset flip for another nearfall, then The Hype suplexed The Ram out of a third lockup. The rookie cruiserweight dropped a knee onto The Ram's back, and another to the face as The Ram tried to get up, but a jumping knee drop hit canvas only. The Ram went in for the kill on The Hype's knee, slamming it on the mat and using the ropes to stretch it out and cannonball down on it. He applied a standing side Indian deathlock, but veteran referee Philip Woodgate saw him using the top rope for leverage and forced the break. He then cinched in a half crab, but The Hype crawled to the ropes. Bobby Cool was barely able to regather his feet before The Ram chop-blocked his knee out, then hit a Rude Awakening (with hip swivel). The Hype was sent to the ropes but came back with a jumping sidekick, then choked The Ram with the bottom rope in a bit of revenge for his opponent's rulebreaking. He chopped The Ram in the corner and hit a big Tornado DDT, but when he pumphandled The Ram up he was unable to hold the weight, and The Ram fell down on him, holding onto the ropes to earn a cheap three count.
WINNER - The Ram by pinfall
TIME - 4:58

Ivan Dragunov came out, furious that The Rookie had demanded a rematch from his squashing at Victoria Orientation, meaning that the big Russian was unable to enter the tourney for the Heavyweight Championship, which had been vacated by Ruamoko due to injury. He swore to take all his frustrations out on his inexperienced foe.

X-Rated then came out, wearing Dan "The Man" Stirling's ring entrance gear, and with The Ram as his interviewer he launched into a hilarious impression of his opponent for the night, including a shout out to "all his... fan" - namely his father, NZWPW trainer Martin Stirling.

The initial lockup saw Stirling grab a hammerlock, but X-Rated elbowed out of it, applying his own hammerlock before breaking it to derisively slap Stirling in the back of the head. Another lockup saw X-Rated again reverse a Stirling hammerlock into one of his own, before snapmaring the kickboxer and booting him hard in the back. As Stirling tried to recover X-Rated dove at him with a knee, then elbowed his head, kicked his ribs and scraped his eyes with his boot for good measure. He then chopped Stirling before sending him off the ropes into a dropkick, which earned two from an arrogant one-footed cover. X-Rated whipped Stirling to the ropes again, but it was reversed, allowing "Dangerous" Dan to hit a lariat. He then took X-Rated over with a snap suplex, then dropped a fist, but his heelish opponent came back with a low blow, then hit his XTC (leapfrog rocker dropper) for two.

X-Rated picked Stirling up, raking his eyes before sending him to the mat with a flying headscissors takeover. He bounced Stirling's head off the corner turnbuckle and laid some boots in, then scraped his eyes across the top rope. However Stirling was able to block a punch and send X-Rated into a corner, pummelling him with punches and kicks. He went for the diving knee in the corner, but X-Rated dodged. This gave X-Rated an opening to target the knee with an inverted figure four, but Stirling made the ropes. An X-Rated Irish whip was reversed, and the former Catchweight Champion was sent somersaulting from a knee to the midsection. Stirling followed this up with a spin kick to the face, a spin kick to the gut and a spinning DDT, but The Ram put X-Rated's foot on the ropes to prevent a three count. Stirling then hoisted X-Rated up for the Dan Driver (F-U), but X-Rated slipped out the back with a sunset flip for two. X-Rated then hit the X-Spot (fireman's carry Michinoku Driver), but pulled Stirling up at two! He went for another, but Stirling clubbed X-Rated down, hit a Dan Driver - then it was his turn to pull X-Rated up at two! He then applied a bridging Indian deathlock with crossface, looking to make his opponent tap, but when The Ram jumped to the apron Stirling allowed himself to be distracted. This gave X-Rated time to recover and bash Stirling with a water bottle, before hitting another X-Spot - and this time the ex-champ took the three count, ending Stirling's undefeated streak.
WINNER - X-Rated by pinfall
TIME - 10:25

Juice came out for a promo, announcing that the upcoming mystery tag partner match would be a handicap battle, as D-Hoya was busy defending the Catchweight Title and Creed was out with a concussion, forced to work the show as a mere cameraman, meaning that Inferno had "no friends". Juice then introduced his partner for the match, "Silencer" Jean Miracle, who in turn introduced the newest Naki Phulla, the super-heavyweight Max Damage.

MAX DAMAGE vs ISLAND BOY SI w/ "THE HYPE" BOBBY COOL (Heavyweight Tourney Semi-Final)
"Silencer" Jean Miracle took the announcing seat as the two big men locked up, with Damage pushing IBS off twice. A third lockup saw IBS, who had competed for Rarotonga in the Oceania Sumo Championships earlier that day, use his power to push Damage back. He then applying an armwringer, then a hammerlock, but the face-painted debutante grabbed the ropes. IBS grabbed another hammerlock, but Damage reversed it with some back elbows into a hammerlock of his own. IBS snapmared his way out of that and applied a chinlock, till Damage powered up and sent IBS to the ropes. IBS came back with a series of shoulderblocks, but Damage barely budged, countering yet another shoulderblock attempt by clotheslining IBS down. He locked in an armbar on the mat, but IBS rolled it over to another armlock. This brought SJM running down into the ring, which was enough to goad IBS into releasing his mat hold. Damage pummeled IBS in a corner and choked him with his forearm. He then tried an Irish whip, which was reversed, but an IBS lariat had little effect. Damage tried a lariat of his own, which was ducked, then IBS hit a uranage out of nowhere, dropping Damage on his head! That earned the popular win, and when SJM tried to gain revenge IBS dodged a jumping knee and smashed a second Naki Phulla with his uranage.
WINNER - Island Boy Si by pinfall
TIME - 6:23

Dragunov, who had not even bothered to change into ring gear to battle the green newcomer, shoulderblocked and lariated him down before the bell could ring. He punched and stomped the unfortunate Rookie, before grabbing his Red Flag, hitting and choking The Rookie with it. Veteran referee Philip Woodgate had no option but to throw the match out before it had even begun, and NZWPW staff had to help The Rookie to the back.
WINNER - No Contest

The debuting PHD got the crowd on his side by handing out easter eggs before the match, but the 180kg veteran The Punisher proved to be nowhere near as friendly, opening with an armbar and sending PHD to the mat with a handful of hair. PHD rolled out of an armwringer to apply one of his own, the momentum sending The Punisher flipping to the mat. PHD attempted a pinfall but was literally bench-pressed off in a remarkable display of strength. PHD kicked The Punisher in the head, chopped him and send him off the ropes into a big boot. However three shoulderblocks couldn't take The Punisher off his feet, and the masked monster countered a fourth by clotheslining PHD down. The Punisher pounded Dollars with forearms and slaps, but PHD ducked a clothesline and hit an impressive dropkick, putting the bigger man down! The Punisher came back with a low blow, however, then a rib-breaker earned him the win.
WINNER - The Punisher by pinfall
TIME - 4:38

After the intermission Blair Rhodes announced that the scheduled Crusade (royal rumble) to decide the #1 contender to the Catchweight Title would not happen tonight due to time constraints.

Inferno came out, reluctantly confirming that his allies D-Hoya and Creed were indeed unavailable to tag with him, before he introduced his partner... H-Flame! The returning wrestler, apparently sobered up from his enforced spell in rehab, started off in the ring with Juice, and was welcomed back to the Wellington wrestling scene with a headlock, then a shoulderblock. He rallied with a hiptoss, prompting a pier six brawl to break out, with Inferno hiptossing SJM, then the faces whipped the heels at each other. Juice and SJM dosie-doed their way out of a collision, only to be hit with stereo dropkicks from the fiery faces. H-Flame trapped Juice in a rear waistlock, but Juice escaped with an armbar, which in turn was reversed with a fireman's carry takeover and a front facelock. Juice slid this around into a hammerlock on the mat, but H-Flame rolled out, applying an armwringer then cannonballing down on Juice's back, which he then stretched out with a camel clutch. Inferno was tagged in, and Juice hit several headlock takeovers, only for Inferno to headscissors his way out each time. A frustrated Juice tagged SJM in, but an Inferno armwringer took the fresh man to the mat. SJM kipped up out of it and applied a hammerlock with a rear choke, but Inferno reversed with a Japanese arm drag. H-Flame got a tag and came off the middle rope on SJM's arm as Inferno held it out for him. H-Flame sent SJM into the corner for a big Stinger Splash, but SJM came back, raking H-Flame's eyes and hitting a knee drop, before choking H-Flame with his knee. Juice held H-Flame as Inferno tried to enter the ring to stop the cheating, and the heels double teamed the ex-alcoholic in their corner. SJM sent H-Flame off the ropes into a back elbow then hit a legdrop, then Juice came in and dropped another leg. An Irish whip was reversed however, and Juice ate a powerslam, allowing H-Flame to tag out.

Inferno used a drop toehold to put Juice into an Indiuan deathlock variation, but Juice came back with an eye rake and a body slam, then tied his former tag partner up in the ropes and chopped him. SJM was tagged in, and Juice pulled Inferno's legs up, allowing the Naki Phulla to leapfrog Juice, cannonballing onto Inferno's ribs. SJM hit a gutwrench suplex, but Inferno rolled him up out nowhere for a nearfall. SJM reasserted control with an eye gouge and a high knee, then tagged Juice in, DDTing him on the way out. Juice hit a Russian legsweep and made a quick tag, and the heels gave Inferno a double backdrop. Another quick tag brought in Juice, who booted Inferno in the corner before tagging out. SJM tagged out immediately, but Juice pointed out he hadn't done anything, so he tagged himself back in. SJM applied a front facelock, which Inferno pushed into his corner - but Juice distracted the ref, meaning H-Flame's hot tag didn't count! Juice then faked a tag to enter, delivering a Stinger Splash before tagging out, stretching Inferno out for a SJM boot to the ribs. The Silencer then went to work on Inferno's knee with leg snaps, a half Boston crab and - when Inferno made the ropes - a full Boston crab. Inferno rolled the move over and the pair exchanged pinning predicaments on the mat till SJM hit an arm drag. SJM then landed his Screwdriver (double chickenwing twisting neckbreaker), then tagged Juice in for his Rejuicer (top rope flying DDT)! Juice then hit an elbow off the top, and SJM tagged in and went up too, only to get distracted by noticing the cameraman Creed for the first time. SJM blames Creed for breaking his hand in December. When SJM did fly off the top his Great Wall (top rope legdrop) missed, and Inferno made the hot tag!

H-Flame booted SJM down, took Juice down as well, scoop slammed SJM and sidewalk slammed Juice, as the crowd gave their biggest pops of the match. He dropkicked SJM, and when Miracle attempted a crossbody he got caught. SJM wriggled out, only to be locked into the pumphandle setup to the H-Bomb (pumphandle powerslam). Juice leapt off the top to save his partner, but got caught by an Inferno chokehold, and the faces hit the Afterburner chokeslam and H-Bomb simultaneously! H-Flame covered SJM for the three. The Naki Phulla's bad night wasn't over, however, as Creed hit him with an axe kick. The heel team then argued, with Juice cruelly pointing out that SJM had never won a match in his year-long pro wrestling career.
WINNER - Inferno & H-Flame by H-Flame pinfall on "Silencer" Jean Miracle
TIME - 17:30

D-HOYA vs N.O.S. (Catchweight Title Match)
The luchadore N.O.S. had been given this title shot from a random draw of the NZWPW roster. X-Rated and The Ram came to ringside to watch the match and jeer the faces, who started the match with a handshake. They locked up, and D-Hoya easily pushed the far smaller man off. N.O.S. applied a full nelson, but the champion turned him around and hit an atomic drop and an electric chair drop. The competitors then exchanged numerous nearfalls on the mat, going too fast for me to transcribe. D-Hoya hoisted N.O.S. up in a crucifix, but N.O.S. hurracanrana'd his way out, and the pair exchanged more two counts on the mat. N.O.S. ran right into a D-Hoya arm drag, and was trapped in an arm bar as D-Hoya dropped knees and legs on his arm. N.O.S. regained his feet in a greco-roman knuckle lock, then headscissored D-Hoya into the corner. D-Hoya tried to rallied with a knuckle lock, but N.O.S. headscissored him over the top rope to the floor! N.O.S. dived at the champ on the outside but missed and hit the vorner pole, then D-Hoya rammed him into the pole again before sending him back to the ring. He applied a surfboard, but N.O.S. spun it round into an inverted DDT. D-Hoya came back with two shoulderblocks, but N.O.S. launched himself into a flying shoulderblock to take the bigger man down.

The back-and-forth match swapped momentum again as D-Hoya wrung N.O.S.'s arm out, then lifted him in the air with his other hand to increase the leverage! He then delivered his trademark wrist drag off the middle rope and hit the K-Kwon Bomb (reverse Razor's Edge powerslam), but his Dancing Legdrop missed! N.O.S. whipped D-Hoya into the corner and hit a Stinger Splash, a rocker dropper off the top rope, then the Stop, Drop & Roll (rolling spear). Another spear attempt caught the ref instead of the champ, and when D-Hoya hit another K-Kwon Bomb and a Dancing Legdrop, Philip Woodgate was unable to count. N.O.S. hit the Overdrive (Michinoku Driver), and this time it was he who was disadvantaged by the absence of a referee. N.O.S. then attempted a crossbody, but got caught and given a backbreaker. D-Hoya then hit the End of Da World (gorilla press sideslam), and the referee had recovered enough to count him the three. After the match the faces hugged, and when X-Rated told them to "get a room" they chased him to the back.
WINNER - D-Hoya by pinfall
TIME - 10:27

The Punisher pushed IBS aggressively to start, so IBS responded by leading the red-hot crowd in a "You Suck" chant. The Punisher gouged the Island Boy's eyes, then snapmared him and locked in a chinlock. IBS powered up and hit a crossbody for two, but The Punisher merely bench-pressed him out of the ring. When IBS re-entered he was clubbed down and had his throat chopped. IBS ducked a lariat, however, and laid in some punches and a big headbutt to put The Punisher down. IBS hit an elbow drop and a leg drop, but got distracted by X-Rated, so The Punisher came back with an eye rake then whipped IBS right into the referee.

The good-natured IBS tried to revive the ref, but The Punisher lifted his 140kg opponent off the mat with a double choke and tossed him away like a rag doll. The Saint then ran in, lariating IBS down. The Punisher and X-Rated then booted and choked IBS as the odds started to look impossible for the popular face. However when The Saint went for another lariat he missed and hit The Punisher, and the masked monsters started brawling! The Saint hit The Punisher with a Thesz Press, and The Punisher came back with clothesline, till Island Boy Si interrupted them by banging their heads together! The Punisher went down and IBS dropkicked The Saint to the floor, then the big Cook Islander went up top. The Punisher regained his feet and turned around, and IBS dove off the top with a crossbody, earning the three count!
WINNER - Island Boy Si by pinfall
TIME - 8:50

Ivan Dragunov came out to rain on IBS's parade, demanding a title shot. IBS invited him down to the ring, but Inferno, H-Flame, Dan Stirling and Harvey Dollars ran in to prevent a brawl breaking out. IBS got on the mic, told the crowd that he "luffed them all", then accepted Dragunov's challenge for NZWPW's next show, which will be held on May 6 in the Lower Hutt Town Hall.

(Photos: Christopher Doyle)

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- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

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