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NZPWI's Most Wanted

Throughout NZPWI's 10-plus year history, we've published some great content that is a must-read for new visitors to the site or may want to be read again and again by our regular visitors.

Below is some of our most popular content. Introducing: NZPWI's Most Wanted.


NZPWI has had the opportunity to interview some of the biggest names in WWE, TNA, and many more. Audio is available with most interviews, so you can listen as well as read the full interview, and in some cases we have video as well. Check out our Interviews section. Some of our favourites include:


NZPWI has been involved in the planning and promotion of International pro-wrestling events in New Zealand, including all WWE live events and WWA The Reckoning. Below are some of our landmark stories. For more coverage from these Tours, please visit our Tour Section.

Gimme Five

Perhaps our most popular feature - every Thursday evening, the NZPWI G5 team publishes their thoughts and opinions on "the week that was" in pro-wrestling in "Gimme Five". Now and then, NZPWI will be bringing in Special Guest Appearances to Gimme Five. Check out our "Gimme Five" archives now! Some of our favourites include:

NZ Scene

NZPWI has a very close relationship with the New Zealand pro-wrestling scene. With three promotions currently flourishing in New Zealand, there’s always plenty of action to report, and NZPWI brings you up-to-the-minute details on all events taking place across the country in our NZ Scene section! NZPWI is also the home of perhaps the greatest New Zealand pro-wrestling event - the NZPWI Invitational! Some of our favourites include:


NZPWI is proud to boast some of the most talented wrestling writers in the world. From humour to analysis to first-hand tales to Editorials, we’ve got it covered. With a unique range of styles, there’s something for everyone in our Columns section, brought to you by a staff of writers with a wide range of knowledge and opinions. Check out our Columns section now or check out some of our favourites below:


NZPWI’s Simon Sweetman applies his considerable musical review skills to the latest wrestling books and DVD’s currently on offer. Simon’s ability to cover both the good and the bad of any product means that you can make an informed choice before you buy. Check out our Reviews section now or check out some of our favourites:


NZPWI's Television Section keeps reports and news going by "New Zealand Coverage Time". Check out our Television Section for more!

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Saturday, April 19
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- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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