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Superlatives leave NZWPW PowerPlay as New Zealand's Tag Team Champions!
Written by David Dunn   
Apr 15, 2007 at 02:30 PM

The Superlatives become the NEW NZWPW Tag Team Champions!After qualifying in the first round of the NZWPW Tag Team Championship Tournament against Andrew Parthania and Cam Akazi, The Superlatives - “Silencer” Jean Miracle and “Shining” Nick Silver - really lived up to their name when they defeated fan favourites CD and DreamCatcher to become New Zealand’s Tag Team Champions!

The match began with “Silencer” Jean Miracle in the ring opposite CD. CD matched Miracle in the initial feeling out process, but “Silencer” whipped CD into the ropes and buried his knee deep into CD’s abdomen, causing the aspiring football player to flip over and crash down to the canvas. SJM tagged out to Nick Silver, who entered the ring and remained in control of the match for his team, until CD was able to toss Nick into the air, and get a breather.

With Nick down on the mat, CD brought his finger to his lips, and a hush descended over the large Lower Hutt crowd as CD dropped a silent elbow onto SNS. Another silent elbow slammed into Silver’s chest, and CD attempted a third. Too much time in between the elbows gave “Shining” Nick the opportunity to roll out of the way of the third silent elbow, and “Silencer” Jean Miracle entered the ring to show CD how damaging silence can be.

The Superlatives backed CD into the ropes, and slammed him to the mat with a double spinebuster. SNS took his place in the corner, and Miracle charged into the ropes. CD got back to his feet, and also began to run the ropes. The two ran at a collision course, with CD ducking clothesline attempts from “Silencer”, until both men attempted clotheslines, and crumpled into a heap in the middle of the ring.

The crowd willed on CD, but the applause fuelled SJM as well, and both men tagged out to their partners. DreamCatcher took down Nick Silver with a hip toss, and then did the same to “Silencer” before he had fully regained his footing. “Shining” Nick caught DreamCatcher off guard with a Silver Lining (X-Factor), and positioned him in the turnbuckles for a Silver Bullet. Nick sprung to the middle rope, spun away from the ropes and planted DreamCatcher with a Silver Bullet that sent him rolling right across the ring.

SNS was unable to capitalise on his devastating DDT though, as DreamCatcher’s momentum placed him right in his corner, so CD could make a blind tag and enter the match. Before “Silencer” and the Shining One even realised CD was the legal man, he charged across the ring and took them both down with a devastating Spear Tackle! DreamCatcher hauled SNS to his feet, and CD attempted to Spear him again, but Silver slipped put of DreamCatcher’s hold at the last second, and CD ploughed into his partner like a freight train.

CD fell victim to a Silver Lining, and then found himself throat first on the ropes. With the support of the fans, CD powered out of the illegal choke, and smashed into “Shining” Nick Silver with a massive shoulder block. Nick bounced off the canvas, and CD bounced off the ropes, to drill him with a huge Spear as he staggered back to his feet. Sensing this could be it for his team, “Silencer” dove into the ring to break up the pin, and hastily hauled CD to a vertical base to deliver the Screwdriver! SNS sprang into life and covered CD, as Senior Official Roneel counted to three, and the Superlatives became New Zealand’s definitive Tag Team Champions!

NZWPW PowerPlay 4 Results:

Tag Team Championship Semi Final
The Superlatives def. Andrew Parthania & Cam Akazi
Parthania and Akazi displayed some impressive moves in the start of the match, and clotheslined the Superlatives down and out of the ring. However, as the match properly got underway, the Superlatives showed that experience can make all the difference, and tagged each other in to isolate Andrew. However, when Parthania finally tagged in NZWPW newcomer Cam Akazi, things shifted back in the favour of the debuting team. Cam threw SJM violently over the top rope to the hard wood floor, and the rookie duo delivered a doomsday device to Nick Silver. Andrew made the cover, but no count was made, as SNS was the illegal man. Suddenly “Silencer” sprang back into the ring, and connected with the Screwdriver on Parthania. Silver then drove his knee into his face with a Shining Wizard in the corner, before Silver Bulleting him out and letting Miracle cover him for the victory.

Tag Team Championship Semi Final
CD & DreamCatcher def. the Dark Alliance
Axl and CD began the match, and somehow CD managed to match Axl’s power offence, knocking him to the canvas with a stiff clothesline, and even sidewalk slamming the sinister superstar. Angel of Destruction appeared at ringside to cheer on CD and DreamCatcher, but soon proved to have gotten herself into more than she could handle, when an attempt to stop Axl illegally choking her team on the ropes led to him focussing his attention on her. AOD tried to run, but Axl grabbed her, and slid his mask up, so he could bite her on the neck! AOD screamed out as Axl drew blood from her neck, which he attempted to spit at DreamCatcher, but accidentally went into Belthazar's eyes! Belthazar slammed and then attempted to pin Axl for a moment, and Axl was able to get to his feet and Atomic Spinebuster his aggressor, before grabbing his coat and leaving the ring. CD tentatively stood Belthazar up, and Positioned him for an airplane spin, with his sat down into a Celtic Cross! CD made the cover and he and DreamCatcher advanced to the finals of the tag team tournament.

#1 Contendership to the Tag Team Championships
Company T (Dan Stirling & Tank) w/ Matariki def. RufStorm
After Dan Stirling and Tank expressed their concern at being excluded from the tag team tournament for unknown reasons, Rufguts and Sandstorm confronted the camouflage-clad warriors, and challenged them to a match, with the winning team getting the first shot at the soon to be crowned NZWPW Tag Team Champions. After an intense brawl, which saw Rufguts slam his rubbish bag into Dan’s lower back, and give Stirling a ‘woody’ (a large can of Woodstock Bourbon to the groin), Dan secured the win for Company T when he Dan Drivered Sandstorm onto Rufguts - who had been felled by a Rock Bottom from Tank - and both Company T Members pilled on top of their opponents for a double pinfall.

Adam Avalanche’s Longest Reign Parade got underway to a mixed reaction from the audience. Balloons fell from the entrance way as the champion strolled to the ring, where he grabbed a microphone and addressed the packed audience. However, when Avalanche began to contemplate new challengers for his NZWPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, things turned bad for the Champ as D-Hoya showed up on the stage. Hoya proceeded to verbally destroy AA, praying to god for some new shoes for the champion, and also asking for divine intervention to keep Avalanche away from Burger King! D-Hoya then threatened to whoop Adam Avalanche all around the arena, right outside to the parking lot, into a taxi, and all the way home to his momma to clean the white stuff off the couch! An infuriated Adam Avalanche came to a deal with D-Hoya - the two men would each chose a mystery partner for a tag team match later that night. If D-Hoya’s team won, D-Hoya would receive a Championship match, but if Adam’s team won, D-Hoya would be forced to leave NZWPW and get out of the Longest Reigning Champion’s life.

Lady T & Matariki def. Angel of Destruction & Misty
In a rematch from Bringing Down the House earlier this year, NZWPW showcased their women’s division. Angel of Destruction seemed to have recovered from her assault at the hands of Axl, and began the match against Lady T, who she outwrestled with a headlock takedown, and then a dropkick to the abdomen. Lady T managed to disorientate AOD with a hurricanrana, but Misty was quick to haul Lady T to the outside, and position her in an excruciating torture rack. At this point in time, DreamCatcher of the Emo Army wandered down to ringside, accompanied by a chair. Lady T had retreated to her side of the ring, and after AOD took down Matariki with a short clothesline, she slipped to the outside, and got into a catfight with Lady T! The referee attempted to stop all the hair pulling and scratching taking place in the front row, and when Misty joined in as well, AOD quickly took DreamCatcher’s chair from him, and drove it into Matariki’s abdomen, then straight across her back! Obviously finished, the Angel attempted a pin, but it was broken up - by Misty. Misty then covered Matariki, but AOD broke the cover. Angel of Destruction and Misty began to yell at each other, and Lady T quickly rolled up AOD for a pinfall. After the match, Misty grabbed the microphone and expressed her anger at being pinned at Bringing Down the House, as well as telling the fans that payback, was a bitch.

NZWPW Tag Team Championships
The Superlatives def. CD & DreamCatcher
In an intense tag team confrontation, that showcased some amazing tag team chemistry, the Superlatives proved that experience can mean everything when they dominated the early stages of the match, isolating CD. DreamCatcher and Nick Silver got tagged into the match after SJM and CD felled each other with dual clotheslines, and DC set about hip-tossing everyone in sight. SNS grabbed control of the match with a Silver Lining, and did so again after CD accidentally speared his own tag team partner. “Shining” Nick Silver used some dirty tactics to dominate CD, but the fans willed on CD - chanting and waving signs claiming CD stood for “Complete Destruction”. CD used the fan support to find enough energy to spear Silver to the ground, but Jean Miracle broke up the pin. As quickly as he stopped the count, he hit CD with a Screwdriver, and Nick Silver dove onto the down and out CD to claim the victory, and the New Zealand Tag Team Championships. After the match was over, “Silencer” hit CD with another Screwdriver, this time on the hard wooden floor. The Emo Army then appeared on stage to escort DreamCatcher backstage as the Superlatives celebrated their new Championships.

D-Hoya & Infinity def. Adam Avalanche & Jimmy Sparx
The Main Event of the evening began with D-Hoya and Adam Avalanche tying up in the centre of the ring. Adam Avalanche thought it best to wait to take on Hoya though, and made a tag to his mystery partner, Jimmy Sparx. D-Hoya charged into Sparx with a shoulder block, and then drove the air from his lungs with a cartwheel splash. The match progressed to see a Gory Bomb on Sparx, and then an Infinislam (Angle Slam) from Infinity. Adam Avalanche distracted the referee briefly, and Jimmy Sparx walloped Infinity with a custom steel chair. Jimmy tagged Adam, and Infinity was subjected to a massive stinger splash, followed by a standing splash, followed by the champion just outright standing on Infinity’s chest! Sparx entered the ring, and set Infinity up in a Torture Rack. Sparx released the hold, and Avalanche got nailed in the stomach by Infinity. The Gen Next superstar attempted an Infinitizer (Scissors Kick) on Avalanche, but AA countered it to a Wave of the Avalanche! With the match won, the longest reigning champion in history got too cocky for his own good and broke his own pinfall. “It’s not over until the longest reigning champion ever says it’s over!” Looking to rub salt into Infinity’s wounds, Avalanche dragged Infinity to the corner, where he attempted the unthinkable - a Moonsault! Unfortunately, Infinity rolled away and both men tagged out. D-Hoya was quick to dominate Sparx, with a Liquidiser, and an attempted Dancing Legdrop. Jimmy Sparx avoided, and set D-Hoya up for a piledriver, but Hoya slipped out and pressed Sparx to the sky, before bringing him down with an End of D-World and securing the rights to a Championship match.

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