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Dal Knox new IPW Champion at NBX5!
Dec 15, 2007 at 11:07 PM
At IPW’s fifth Nightmare Before Xmas show “The Deal” Dal Knox defeated Jon E. King in the traditional Fans Bring the Weapons match to become the new IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

Knox was the first to head outside looking for a weapon, but King was quick to drag him back into the ring empty handed.  Knox fired up and arm dragged King all over the ring, before sending him scurrying outside looking for a reprieve.

Knox was quick to follow, going straight on the attack with the weapons from ringside, giving the champ a good beating.  Knox took it back to the ring firmly in control and laid King out with a massive belly to belly suplex for two.

“The Deal” threw King to the corner, and when King tried to dodge, Knox slid under his feet to the outside and then grabbed King’s feet and connected him groin first with the steel ring post.  While King was in this vulnerable position, Knox whacked at him with a toilet lid before attempting to tie King to the post.

King’s personal security force interfered, freeing King, but Knox remained in control hauling King up top.  But once again King’s security interjected themselves in the match, pushing Dal off the top rope onto the ring barricade, giving King the opportunity to take control.

King followed Knox outside and pounded at him with weapons until he was busted wide open, and then he dragged “The Deal” and some weapons back inside the ring and went to work pounding the life out of Knox, before hitting a DDT for two.

King then set up a table on the outside, but Knox countered his attempt to suplex him through the table, and instead suplexed King into the ring.  But the wily champ utilised the low blow to maintain control.  But a swing and a miss with the chair resulted in Knox turning it back on King, the chair rebounding into the face of the champ.

Knox then pounded King’s back with the chair before kicking it into the bloodied face of King.  Knox then went for the Knox Out but was unable to get him up onto his shoulders.  King was quick on the uptake and almost snapped Knox’s head off his neck as he hit the Silencer Superkick.

“The Deal” kicked out on two and was able to regain his feet as King took out his frustrations on the ring and sent King flying outside.  Knox followed him out and clocked him with a laptop, before laying him out on the table.  Knox climbed back into the ring and took a running diving somersault over the top rope to smash King through the table.

One of King’s personal security force interfered and an enraged Knox had enough and pulverised the living hell out of him.  Knox then went for King, but the second security guard interfered.  Knox quickly trashed him with a tray and then a shopping trolley, and dived back into the ring to cover King for the two.

The recovery time granted by Knox annihilating King’s personal security force allowed the champ to regain his feet and lock in the Sleeper.  Knox managed to escape, but a leg lariat knocked “The Deal” down for two, and King locked in the sleeper once again.

Knox was able to lift his hand on the three, and the pair climbed to their feet and faced off.  Knox quickly knocked King off his feet and locked in the Fort Knox, but the champ was able to crawl his way to the ropes and the challenger was forced to break the hold.

“The Deal” then lifted King onto his shoulders and whirled King into the Knox Out.  The ref counted the three and “The Deal” Dal Knox became the new IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

And, in the other title match of the evening, IPW South  Pacific Champion “The One” Vinny Dunn defended his belt against “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T.

Lil T slapped Dunn, but it only served to rile up the South Pacific champ who went straight on the attack.  The pair took turns placing the ref in the corner, before crisscrossing the ring, with T taking down “the One” before he headed up top and smashed Dunn with a clothesline for the two.

But T missed a move in the corner, leaving Dunn the opening to hit a huge slam before nailing T with an elbow from the top.  Lil T fought his way back, hitting a brutal facebuster for a close two.

“Wrestling’s Most Wanted” then took down Dunn with a dropkick as “The One” came off the top ropes.  T then tossed Dunn from the ring, but he skinned the cat back into the ring and caught Lil T in a gorilla press that sent him flying outside.  Dunn took a running plancha over the top rope, taking out Lil T.

Dragging things back to the ring, “the One” hit the dropkick from the top rope for a two count.  But T hit Dunn and took the opening to scramble up the ropes to the top.  But as Lil T leapt, Dunn hit him mid air with a dropkick, taking him out.

But as “the One” called for Straight from the Coast, Lil T countered into the Impactor for two.  T then went for Straight from 828, but didn’t end up doing much damage with his shoulder, and Dunn was able to hit the Only One.

T was able to regain his feet, but got caught up top and “the One” tied him into the Tree of Woe.  Dunn then went Coast to Coast and put Lil T down for the three count to retain.

And in the first ever tag team Lockdown match, Kid Liger and Link van Haggard – Emerald Justice teamed up to take on the Xtreme Superstars Davey Deluxeo and Jordan Invincible.

DD and van Haggard faced off in the ring while their partners were handcuffed to opposite sides of the ring.  Deluxeo was quick to scale the ropes to attempt to get the key to his partner’s handcuffs, which were hanging on a pole above the corner of the ring.

Link was quick to intercept Deluxeo and then dashed off to the opposite corner to get his set of keys.  DD scrambled to his feet and stopped Link in his tracks, while Invincible complained incessantly on the outside.

DD managed to get Link to the corner housing Invincible, and Invincible held onto Link while Deluxeo went for the key.  But Link wiggled his way free and caught Deluxeo in the corner.

But DD managed to regain control of the match and took down Link, heading straight to the corner again.  But he hadn’t done enough damage to his opponent, and Link hit DD with a dropkick that sent him spilling from the top rope.

But Deluxeo wasn’t going to be deterred and once again headed up top, this time being hauled pant first from the ring, exposing his ass to the crowd, before Link sent him flying to the outside.

Link took the opportunity to climb to the top in his corner, but a now covered up DD re-entered the ring in time to suplex Link from the top.  DD instantly went to his corner and finally got down the key, but lost it when Link attacked him, and van Haggard got the key and hurled it into the crowd.

DD was forced to go out and find it, and while he was searching for his key, Link was able to climb the ropes and get the key to free his partner.  But before he could free Liger, DD managed to get back to Invincible and somehow free him, and Invincible was unleashed on the match and it became a two on one handicap.

With Liger still attached to the corner via his handcuffs, XS quickly went to work double teaming Link.  DD got his hands on the keys that would free Liger, and promptly deposited them in his pants, making them fairly inaccessible.

XS proceeded to dominate until they each missed a move, and Link took the opening to get his hands on the key, then evaded XS who’s diving moves left them stacked on each other on the ropes.  Link then got to his corner and freed his partner, and it was time for Liger to go wild on the devious duo.

Emerald Justice stacked XS in the corner, and Liger took them out with a huge Shining Wizard, earning a close two count.  DD was sent flying outside, and it was Emerald Justice’s turn to double team on Invincible, hitting the Final Countdown.

But before they could hit the three, “Handsome” Danny Jacobs sprung up from under the ring and hauled Link from the ring, leaving XS to regroup and double team on Liger in the three to get the victory at Nightmare Before Xmas 5.

Full results for Nightmare Before Xmas 5:

  • The Machine def. Brian St James
    The Machine’s original opponent Alfred Valentine nominated St James as his replacement in the match, citing the need to get his Xmas shopping done.  The “huge” Brian St James went into the match confident, but the Machine quickly overpowered him.  A missed shoulder to the corner from the Machine gave Brian the opening he needed to get in some offence on the outside, but when things headed back inside, the Machine was able to come back and hit the Machine Head to get the win.

  • Tag Team Lockdown Match
    The Xtreme Superstars def. Emerald Justice
    “Handsome” Danny Jacobs gave XS the assist, leaving them to double team Kid Liger to get the win.

  • “The Professional” Joseph Kinkade def. The NZ Dream
    The NZ Dream wasted no time in going on the attack taking the early momentum in the match.  But the Dream lost his hat and his advantage, and Kinkade went to work.  But Kinkade made the mistake of wasting time on mockery, and the Dream was able to regain his feet.  But “The Professional” quickly rectified his mistake by distracting the ref, allowing Gary O. Davis to take his cane to the Dream.  Kinkade was then able to cinch in the Stretch Muffler, forcing the Dream to tap.

  • IPW South Pacific Championship
    “The One” Vinny Dunn def. “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T
    Dunn went Coast to Coast to retain against Lil T.

  • Draw via count out The Fire Ant vs. “The Phenomenal” Phoenix
    This was the third competitive match up between the two members of Mucha Lucha, but after Ant missed with the 619 Phoenix proceeded to dominate his smaller partner, using his superior power and strength.
    But when the Ant refused to stay down, Phoenix started to take out his frustration out on his partner.  He headed up top but got caught by Ant, and the pair proceeded to battle at each other.  Ant eventually forced Phoenix off the ropes into a facebuster, but both men were damaged to the point that neither were able to climb to their feet on the ref’s count and a draw was called.
    Ant asked for the match to be continued, but Gary O. Davis came to ringside and advised Phoenix to step away and leave the fan’s disappointed, and Phoenix walked out on his partner and his fans, leaving this unresolved between Mucha Lucha.

  • Mixed tag team match
    Evie & “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander def.“Handsome” Danny Jacobs” & Brittany
    The returning Alexander was on fire as he attacked Jacobs and took the early advantage.  But HDJ was eventually able to make his corner, and the girls tagged in and went for it.  Paul Starr threw a white powder into the face of Alexander from the outside, blinding “the Samoan Silverback”, and while the ref was distracted dealing with him, Brittany and Jacobs double teamed Evie.  But a half blind Alexander got the tag and he practically Speared HDJ in half before hitting a massive piledriver to take the win.

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
    Fans Bring the Weapons match

    “The Deal” Dal Knox def. Jon E. King
    Dal Knox hit the Knox Out to put an end to the year long domination of Jon E. King.
Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

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