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Dion McCracken - Founder & Owner
Dion hails from Whangarei by way of Dargaville and created NZPWI in 1999 as a personal hobby. In the ensuing years, he has seen it grow into one of the most successful sports websites in the country.

Dion is a highly respected figure in New Zealand professional wrestling. Having formed and maintained relationships with WWE and TNA, Dion has been involved in the promotion of all WWE tours to New Zealand, as well as acting as a consultant for the 2003 WWA Tour. He has appeared on New Zealand television in several wrestling-related roles, including a SKY special for the 2007 WWE Tour and interviews with WWE Superstars for Sky Arena Access in 2011.

Dion began hooking big-fish interviews for NZPWI in 2003, and has himself spoken to many of WWE and TNA's top stars. NZPWI has since gone on to become one of the world's leading websites for WWE and TNA interviews.

He is a former play-by-play commentator and current Commissioner for Impact Pro Wrestling, and in 2006 added Promoter to his list of accolades when he showcased the cream of New Zealand's wrestling talent at the 2006 NZPWI Invitational. Both that show and its 2007 successor were aired by SKY Television and were arguably New Zealand's top pro-wrestling events in this era.

Dion's other interests include bass guitar and Martial Arts, holding a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo with extensive training in Kempo Karate and Judo as well. He is currently a Senior Instructor with Pacific Sun Taekwondo. He has also recently added television commercial actor to his list of achievements.

Dion is a Business Development Manager at Advanced Data Centres in Whangarei, and with his wife Sasha, is a proud parent of Jake and Taimania.

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David Dunn - Editor
David joined NZPWI in 2006 and, after trying his hand at anything and everything in his six years with the site, was promoted to co-editor in 2012.

He was hooked on wrestling from the moment he saw WWF Survivor Series 2000, which means – at 23 years old - he has spent the majority of his life as a wrestling fan.

David is NZPWI’s leading interviewer, having had the honour of talking to some of the industry’s biggest stars including Chris Masters and AJ Styles on their visits to New Zealand in 2009 and 2012 respectively.

He also covers the Wellington wrestling scene and has traveled as far as Tauranga or Whangarei to see KPW and NZWPW competitors in action.

Outside of NZPWI, David holds two university qualifications – a Bachelor of Communication and a Graduate Diploma of Journalism – from Massey University and has had a handful of articles published in Wellington-area newspapers as a freelance journalist.

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Kirsty Quested - Consultant
Kirsty joined NZPWI in 2005 as a Columnist and took over as Editor in 2007.

She has been a pro-wrestling fan since 1988, and has seen the industry through the changes of the modern era.

Kirsty has conducted interviews with many top talent from WWE and TNA, and has been lucky enough to interview her own personal hero, Bret Hart. She was media accredited for WrestleMania 29 in New York City and experienced the event as Sky TV's on-the-ground reporter.

Although new to the New Zealand scene when she first came on board, Kirsty played a key role in the organisation of both NZPWI Invitationals, and referees for Impact Pro Wrestling at the annual Christchurch Armageddon Expo.

Kirsty is a Web Editor for Montage Interactive. She rarely has less than 3 books on the go at once, and volunteers for Women’s Refuge in her spare time. In 2013 she handed over the Editor's reins to David Dunn, and remains on board with NZPWI in a behind-the-scenes role.

Kirsty and her husband Simon live in Christchurch with Ari, their monster German Shepherd.

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Luke Farmer
A devoted wrestling fan for over 15 years, NZPWI's multimedia guru Luke Farmer is hoping to pave his way to the United States to work as part of the production teams for the major leagues of professional wrestling.

Known for his vast wrestling collection, Luke has been at the forefront of multimedia for the New Zealand wrestling scene since 2009, working with New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling and now with Impact Pro Wrestling, producing video highlights, interviews and promos.

Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Imaging, Luke currently works full time in the television industry as a video editor and motion graphics animator, working on events such as the V8 Supercar events and the World Rally Championship.

With a passion for creativity and the pro wrestling industry, Luke is determined to fulfill his dream to one day work full time for a major wrestling company and contribute his part to the wrestling world.

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Blake Leitch
One night in ’99, Blake was introduced to the crazy world that was the Attitude Era of the WWF. Since then, he’s been 104.8% obsessed. While being smart enough to skip a year of schooling, and entering university at the ripe age of 17, it wasn’t enough. Blake looked for any and every way to enter the ‘rasslin’ biz; from staying behind at local IPW events to stalking his favourite New Zealand wrestlers on Facebook, there was no boundary that could prevent him from entering the wild world of wrestling. Well, one boundary...

Being born without the ability to walk meant he couldn’t become a competitor. So Blake vied for every position available that he could think of. He tried to convince the men in charge to let him be a manager, ring announcer, commentator, writer, and even a coach at one point. Finally, he found the NZPWI; a perfect place to implement his writing abilities.

When not obsessing about wrestling, Blake is ‘studying’ for his Bachelor of Communications (Journalism Studies) at Massey University in Albany, teaching at or writing for his local LDS church, or writing mooshy song lyrics. His only aim in life? Win a Slammy Award... and a girlfriend couldn’t hurt...

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Stevie McCleary
An avid follower of pro wrestling since his Nana sat him down at six years old and told him to quietly watch the men in tights do their thing; Stevie has also spent his life dabbling in whatever took his interest, be it acting, stand up comedy, and most importantly to him - writing. He's a regular film reviewer for, has a few screenplays being shopped around town and his comic book creation DONE to DEATH being worked on, finding his true love in the written word.

But your first love never truly leaves your heart - he has followed the international and local scene closely, making many trips to see the talent perform, and even got a small peek behind the curtain after several months of training with the late Sa Johnson/ Punisher. Wrestling is a definite passion to him so be forewarned; he will take any opportunity to successfully talk your ear off about it!

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