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Jordan Invincible becomes the new IPW heavyweight champion!
Written by Dayna Wall   
Jun 29, 2008 at 01:44 AM
080630_knox_jordanA war was waged between “The Deal” Dal Knox and Jordan Invincible in a No Disqualification match for the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion, but in the end a timely assist from Davey Deluxeo and the Armageddon Cup gave Jordan Invincible the edge he needed to get the pin to claim his first ever IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship!

It was a grappling start with each man looking for the clear cut advantage, but after a standing dropkick by Invincible, the Xtreme Superstar sent Knox outside to suffer at the hands on his partner, Davey Deluxeo, while Invincible finished his stretches in the ring.

Knox fought his way back, taking Invincible down with a standing dropkick of his own, before tossing him outside.  As DD helped his partner to his feet, Knox came flying through the ropes and kicked the duo back off their feet. Taking it back to the ring, the champ hit a brutal backbreaker before locking in his devastating Fort Knox.  DD charged the ring and broke the hold and then unleashed a series of boots on the champ.

Knox fought back and clotheslined Deluxeo from the ring before following him outside and trouncing him with a trumpet then bouncing him off the barriers until he forced backstage.

But, this gave Invincible the opportunity to stalk Knox from behind, clocking him with nasty chairshots.  The champ came back at the challenger with pummelling blows before taking him down with a hard shot from the ring bell.

Knox then came at Invincible with a series of chairshots, getting a little revenge for the shot Jordan took him down with in their last match, but the path of vengeance didn’t run smooth and Invincible came back at Knox, pulping him with the steel end of the chair.

The champ fought his way back, getting to the ropes to hit Surf Highway on a chair from the top, but he missed with his second top rope manoeuvre.  Rolling outside, Knox was leaning against the announcers table, but was able to move out of the way in time to see Invincible pounce over the top rope and put himself through the table.

Knox then hauled his opponent back to the ring, and lifted him onto his shoulders looking for the Knox Out, but just as he was going to hit the move, DD made his way out of the crowd and reentered the ring, clocking Knox with the Armageddon Cup.

Jordan Invincible immediately went in for the quick pin, rolling Dal Knox up for the pin and three, becoming the new IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion at Redemption!

Full results for Redemption 2008:

  • “The Professional” Joseph Kinkade w/ Gary O. Davis & Jason Gray def. “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T
    Kinkade took the early advantage in the match, but ruined it for himself with his showboating, giving Lil T the opening he needed to unload his high flying arsenal on the Professional.  But the numbers game turned the match for Kinkade when Gary O. Davis and Kinkade distracted the ref and Jason Gray attacked Lil T on the outside.
    Kinkade took it back to the ring, locking in a sleeper, but a jawbreaker broke the hold, and Lil T started to gain momentum with a series of chops followed by a DDT.  A flying elbow from the top rope sent Kinkade rolling from the ring, and while Paul Starr, who had run to ringside, Davis, Gray and the ref all attended to the struggling Kinkade, “Handsome” Danny Jacobs snuck in from the back and took out Lil T with the Greedy Fly.  Kinkade recovered himself and got into the ring to lock in the Stretch Muffler to get the win by submission.

  • Jon E. King w/ Justin Lane def. The Fire Ant
    Despite a plucky effort from Ant where he was able to hold his own against the former IPW Champion, it was the power of King and the distracting efforts of Justin Lane on the outside that sealed the deal and gave King the victory.
    Post-match: Daddy Kool put his IPW Commissionership on the line and accepted a tag match with the partner of his choice against Jon E. King and Justin Lane at the next IPW show.

  • J.P.E. def. Evie
    Evie went on the attack in the early goings, taking down the Wicked Witch of Evil with a hurricanrana, but the sheer power of JPE gave her the advantage over Evie and she unleashed a hard-hitting pounding offence.  Evie came back with a knee to the face of JPE, but missed with a moonsault off the top rope.  This was just the opening JPE needed, and she hit the Face of Evil to take the victory in her return match to IPW.

  • Handicap match
    Curt Chaos w/ Brian Saint James def. Pirates and Ninjas Are Totally Awesome
    Curt Chaos isolated Jason Burns from his partner for the first half of the match, but a tag to Liam Fury changed the tide and he took to Chaos with his high flying attack, with a standing shooting star press earning him a close two count.  But a distraction from Brian Saint James on the outside allowed his partner to take to Fury with a crutch, giving Curt Chaos the win.

  • Posedown
    “The One” Vinny Dunn def. “The Ex-Patriot” Alfred Valentine
    Valentine stripped down to his underwear for his three poses, and it was in the last pose that Dunn joined him in stripping to his own underwear, but it was a clearcut victory for Dunn.  An infuriated Valentine attacked “The One” before exiting the ring in humiliating defeat.

  • Emerald Justice def. Perfect Strangers
    It was a closely fought battle between the two teams, but in the end it was a dazed Mischa Ivanoff who was rolled up for the pin by van Haggard, after Ivanoff had been thrown from the ring.

  • Armageddon Cup champion Davey Deluxeo w/ Jordan Invincible def. The Savage Beast
    Savage Beast kamikazed off the ring apron onto Jordan Invincible, and from then on in it was all Deluxeo as he took to the bleeding Beast with seated Senton’s before landing a devastating flying DDT off the top rope for the three.

  • 080630_alexanderHandicap match
    “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander def. Flagboy & “Handsome” Danny Jacobs w/ Paul Starr & Britenay
    Jacobs unsuccessfully attempted to bribe Alexander early on, but the less-than-cohesive unit of Flagboy and Jacobs were unable to stand up to the greater strength of Alexander, who threw the pair around the ring with ease.  Alexander took down Jacobs with a brutal Spear, and just as he was looking to finish things, Lil T chased Jacobs, Britenay and Starr from the ring, leaving Flagboy to face Alexander on his own.  A terrified Flagboy was hauled up onto the shoulders of the Silverback, who proceeded to pulverise him with a velocity-force powerbomb for the win.

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
    No Disqualification match

    Jordan Invincible def. “The Deal” Dal Knox
    An assist from Davey Deluxeo and the Armageddon Cup gave Invincible the edge he needed to get the victory over Knox and claim his first ever IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship!
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