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NZWPW: Rufguts & Sparx win big at Heretaunga Hellfire
Written by David Dunn   
Mar 10, 2009 at 07:07 PM

The Ray Barrett Trust will be receiving a $1,000 donation from Jimmy Sparx and Rufguts, after a massive Circuit Breaker aided by a shot from Rufguts’ rubbish bag left JC Star down for the count this past Friday.

D-Hoya and JC Star worked well as a team in the night’s main event, putting aside any feelings they may have had about their upcoming NZWPW Championship match. Sparx and Rufguts still managed to work better as a unit though, bending the rules to take the win.

JC Star looked poised to moonsault and potentially pin Rufguts, but Sparx pushed him from the top rope. D-Hoya rushed into the ring to help JC but got floored by Rufguts’ Garbage Cutter. Jimmy Sparx entered the ring and set JC up for the Circuit Breaker that, aided by a shot from the rubbish bag, brought the match to its end.

CD & Dan Stirling answered the Circus of Tragedy’s open challenge for the unofficial NZWPW Tag Team Championship! The Circus soon found themselves overwhelmed by the NZWPW veterans, and the Dan Driver put O’Siris down while CD blind tagged his way into the match and covered him for the win!

The new tag champs had their celebration cut short in a hurry though, as a rulebook for the unofficial titles was produced, preventing any wrestlers related to NZWPW Owner Martin Stirling from holding the titles. As Dan Stirling is Martin Stirling’s son, the Circus of Tragedy would remain tag team champions. CD was angry to see his effort go to waste so set about assaulting Stirling after the match.

NZWPW Heretaunga Hellfire Results:

  • Travis Banks def. The Nerd
    In their first singles matches in NZWPW, Banks and The Nerd proved they deserved to be in the squared-circle  with some solid technical moves. Travis Banks had the desire to win a little more than The Nerd, and countered a Boston crab to a crossface for the win.

  • Zodiak def. Kamystery
    With Kamystery’s recent win over Zodiak in the back of his mind, Zodiak managed to turn the tide of their match and trap Kamystery as he tried a victory roll, giving Zodiak the win instead.

  • Unofficial NZWPW Tag Team Championship Match
    CD & Dan Stirling def. The Circus of Tragedy

    NZWPW veterans CD & Dan Stirling answered the Circus of Tragedy’s open challenge, and won the match for the ‘unofficial’ NZWPW Tag Team Championship following a Dan Driver to O’Siris. However, a rulebook exists for the titles, and states that no relative of NZWPW’s Owner, Martin Stirling, can hold the belts. CD took out his frustrations on Martin’s son, Dan, with a beat down after the rule had been explained.

  • Adam Avalanche def. Matt Ryder
    Adam Avalanche wanted Axl, but got the newcomer Matt Ryder instead. Avalanche made short work of Ryder, who must have regretted interrupting Avalanche after a Wave of the Avalanche and Mile High Powerbomb finished him off.

  • No Contest: Ben Mana vs. “Shining” Nick Silver vs. Tykade
    “Shining” Nick Silver was the first man eliminated from this three-way dance, but stuck around ringside to watch the action. It became apparent SNS wasn’t just there to watch though as Circus of Tragedy members “Dream Catcher” and O’Siris rushed to join Silver in a revenge attack on Mana and Tykade. Adam Avalanche hurried to make it a three-on-three war and sent the Circus scattering.

  • $1,000 Donation Match
    Rufguts & Jimmy Sparx def. D-Hoya & JC Star

    With a $1,000 donation to the Ray Barrett Trust being made in the winning team’s names, both teams held nothing back. JC Star ended up being pinned when Jimmy Sparx annihilated him with a Circuit Breaker as Rufguts hit him in the face with a devastating shot from his trademark rubbish bag.
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