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IPW @ Armageddon: Knox Retains against Invincible
Written by David Dunn   
Apr 05, 2009 at 11:38 AM

090404_knoxretainsIPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion, “The Deal” Dal Knox held onto his title in a No Disqualification match against his rival, Jordan Invincible, in the main event of Armageddon’s second show.

Knox and Invincible locked up in centre ring to start the match, which eventually saw Jordan Invincible thrown to the outside after trying to take out “The Deal” early on with a sleeper. Knox hurtled himself over the top rope and came down hard on Jordan with a senton.

Taking advantage of the no disqualification stipulation, which Jordan proposed himself, Dal smashed the challenger into various parts of the ring before tossing him into a fire-exit door and finally bringing the action back between the ropes.

Knox hit Invincible with a big missile dropkick for a near fall which he followed with the excruciating Fort Knox. Jordan managed to grab the bottom rope so Knox released the hold, and flung the Xtreme Superstar to the other side of the ring with a double-underhook suplex.

Invincible dodged a running knee lift in the corner and near broke Knox in half with a double-underhook backbreaker, followed by a dropkick. Dal was then locked into a Boston crab, which ended with Knox getting levered into the bottom rope after he scored a ropebreak.

Both men moved to the floor where Knox nailed Jordan with an 04 (619) before taking to the top rope, with Jordan back in the ring, and sailing for his rival with a cross-body press. Invincible harnessed “The Deal’s” momentum though and rolled him through for a near fall.

Jordan dove from the top rope and planted Knox with a precise blockbuster before taking to the sky once again. He was not so lucky this time though and came crashing down when Knox rolled away from his breathtaking moonsault.

Sensing the time was right, Knox moved in for the kill and knocked Invincible silly with a Knox Out to successfully retain his coveted IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship.

Just prior to the afternoon’s main event, a 17-person Battle Royal was held to determine the challenger for “The Professional” Joseph Kinkade’s Armageddon Cup at tomorrow’s show.

Nearly the entire IPW roster were involved, including debutants Dills, Justin Decent and even IPW veteran JPE – the first woman to compete in a battle royal held in New Zealand. When all was said and done though the match came down to “Double D” Davey Deluxeo, Les West, Mischa and “The One” Vinny Dunn.

Deluxeo and Dunn (who had surprisingly worked together to eliminate several wrestlers in the match) made short work of Mischa, but as they tried to toss each other over the top rope Les West swooped in and heaved them both to the floor below, earning a shot at Joseph Kinkade’s Armageddon Cup tomorrow! West will have more than the cup on his mind, after being assaulted by “The Professional” before he had time to take in his win.

IPW @ Armageddon Results:

  • "Double D" Davey Deluxeo w/ Megan Kate Deluxeo def. A Class
  • Les West & Link van Haggard def. Da Chad & Flagboy
  • "The Professional" Joseph Kinkade w/ Gary O. Davis & Mischa def. The New Zealand Dream
  • "The One" Vinny Dunn def. Mischa w/ Gary O. Davis & "The Professional" Jospeh Kinkade
  • Saint Chaos def. Pirates & Ninjas are Totally Awesome
  • Armageddon Cup Challenge Battle Royal
    Les West eliminated Davey Deluxeo & Vinny Dunn to win
  • Liam Fury def. Brian St. James w/ Curt Chaos
  • IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship:
    No Disqualification: "The Deal" Dal Knox def. Jordan Invincible

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