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IPW Genesis: Lights Out for the Machine!
Jun 01, 2009 at 01:52 PM

090531_genesis2Battered, bloodied and wearied it came down to the two men struggling for dominance over the glowing menace of the light sabre table in the centre of the ring, and in the end it was “The Deal” Dal Knox who won over the Machine, hoisting him to his shoulders and hitting the Knox Out through the lit-up table to retain his IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship in the Lights Out Death match, and finally forcing PWE to disband as they lost the Battle for Power series at Genesis!

The two contenders struggled against each other, striving for the early advantage and it was a huge slam by the champ that swung the match momentum his way.  But the Machine evaded the lit-up corner and the pair proceeded to dodge around each other, both men managing to avoid crashing through the light tubes in the corner until the Machine made a fatal mistake and he hurtled into the tubing, and with a huge smash the first of the lights went out.

Spilling outside, the Machine was slow to get back into the ring and a baseball slide by Knox put him down on the ground.  Dal got his hands on the signature barbed-wire baseball bat of the Machine’s but got caught with the second clobber and the Machine went to work with his favourite bat.

090531_genesis1Back in the ring the Machine pulled a board of light tubes from the corner and laid it out mid-ring, then went for the Machinehead, but the wily champion managed to evade.  But he did get caught in a side slam that put him straight through the lights and another set of lights were down with only two left to go.

The Machine broke a light tube on the stomach of the writhing champion with his foot, and then got a second and broke it with the barbed-wire bat before strangling him with the ropes, leaving the champ a bloodied mess.

The Deal caught the Machine on the ropes and threw him into the shattered glass in the centre of the ring, and then pulled a light set from the corner, laid it out on the Machine and went up top, hitting a huge leg drop off the ropes to put out the third set of lights.

Heading outside, the champ pulled out a glowing light-covered table and set it up in the centre of the ring before trying to pull a teetering Machine to his feet.  The Machine reversed Dal’s suplex attempt into one of his own and then smashed the fourth remaining light set with his fist, symbolising that it was going to come down to him, Dal and the glowing table dominating the ring.

The challenger attempted to get Knox out of the corner and onto the table, but he proved stubborn and it was battle of power between the pair as they each did all they could to be put through the table.  

The Machine climbed the ropes but got stopped in his tracks by a low blow by Knox who then caught the Machine onto his shoulders and hit the Knox Out, landing the Machine through the table putting the lights out to retain his IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship and also winning the Battle for Power series for IPW, leaving PWE to disband after the match!

Full results for IPW Genesis 2009:

  • Top Tag Team Tournament
    Triple Threat match
    Davey Deluxeo w/ Megan-Kate Deluxeo vs. Kid Liger vs. Jason Burns
    Megan-Kate’s first attempt at distraction went horribly wrong when she got caught by Liger, but DD came to her rescue meaning she avoided a spanking.  But the minx went straight back to it, ripping open her top and luring Pirate Burns to the back while her brother took it to Liger in the ring, locking in a submission hold for the win and another two points for the Xtreme Superstars.
    Post-match: Liger was rescued by a mystery wrestler.

  • Top Tag Team Tournament
    Link van Haggard def. Liam Fury
    It was a case of two fast-paced, high-flying risk takers colliding as these two men took it to the limit with a veritable flurry of high impact acrobatic moves, but after an epic conflict it was Link van Haggard who took the victory in the end after manoeuvring Fury into a swift small package.  Emerald Justice scored another two points in the top tag team tournament.

  • Triple Threat match
    The New Vogue starring Britenay featuring Paul Starr and “Handsome” Danny Jacobs def. JPE and Alita Capri
    JPE and Britenay made no secret of their collusion at the start of the match, but when JPE went for the pin Britenay quickly turned her back on JPE and it was every woman for herself.  A huge superplex by JPE on Britenay earned JPE a close two count before Alita broke the count and Alita got herself two near falls on JPE.  But the power of the Hades native played out and she took control of the match with an aeroplane spin on Alita while Britenay was consoled in the arms of the New Vogue outside.  JPE then hit her devastating Face of Evil, but Britenay saw her opportunity and flipped JPE from the ring and took the pin and the win.
    Post-match: JPE attacked Alita, who was rescued by Evie.

  • Top Tag Team  Tournament
    Battle for Power Series match

    Jordan Invincible w/ Dils Deluxeo def. Curt Chaos w/ Brian Saint James
    Despite the interference by Brian Saint James Invincible came back at Chaos, catching him in the corner with a double underhook back breaker.  But as Invincible went up top to finish things off, Saint James once again interfered and Chaos managed to catch Invincible with a  suplex off the ropes.  Invincible came back with a drop kick and Dils Deluxeo (little brother to Davey Deluxeo and the mystery wrestler who came to Liger’s aid earlier) took care of Saint James and Invincible finished Chaos off with a DDT followed by the T-Boon drop, earning two points for the Xtreme Superstars in the top tag team tournament and earning the first point for IPW in the Battle for Power series.

  • Armageddon Cup Champion “The Professional” Joseph Kinkade w/ Gary O. Davis & Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff def. South Pacific Champion “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T
    The antics of Davis and Mischa on the outside caused plenty of distractions and the power and menacing ability of Kinkade in the ring meant that any momentum Lil T managed to raise was quickly quashed.  Kinkade was distracted by the crowd and missed a knee drop which gave Lil T the opening to turn the tables on Kinkade to lock in Kinkade’s own Stretch Muffler.  Mischa and Davis distracted the ref which meant that he missed Kinkade tapping out and as the ref turned back to the match, Kinkade orchestrated his escape and hit Lil T’s Spin the Mic on T to take the win.
    Post-match: Kinkade continued to assault Lil T, then Davis taunted Lil T who turned the tables again by forcing Mischa to put hair on the line against T’s South Pacific Championship when he faces Joseph Kinkade at the next show.

  • Battle for Power series
    Brian Saint James def. Les West
    West put up a huge fight despite the interference from Curt Chaos on the outside, but in the end Brian Saint James’ Silver Spoon gave him the victory and one point for PWE in the Battle for Power series, evening the playing field.

  • Battle for Power series
    Daddy Kool def. Justin Lane w/ PWE
    PWE did their best to do the damage to Daddy Kool while Justin Lane distracted the ref by clowning around, but the ref turned and King was caught with Kool on his shoulders and after an unconvincing jig was ejected from ringside along with the rest of his PWE cohorts and they were forcibly removed by the IPW locker room.  Lane, left to fend for himself, was quickly finished off by Kool with a series of suplexes followed by the D-Bomb, earning another point for IPW in the Battle for Power series.

  • Best of Five series
    Battle for Power series
    Submission match

    Jon E. King def. “The One” Vinny Dunn
    Dunn was the first to lock in a submission but King was quickly able to escape and as they tide turned in the match it was King who locked in a submission hold.  Dunn powered his way free, expending precious energy, but he was manoeuvred back into another draining submission hold.  Dunn managed to ram his way free but King hit the Silencer Superkick and then locked in the Sleeper and it was goodnight for the One, King picking up another point for PWE.
    Post-match: King made their next match a best Two out of Three Falls match.

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
    Battle for Power series
    Lights Out Death match

    “The Deal” Dal Knox def. The Machine
    Knox hit the Knox Out through the light-sabre table to take the victory and retain his championship and to earn the winning points in the Battle for Power series, meaning PWE was forced to disband following the end of the match.
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