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Rufguts New NZWPW Champion!
Written by David Dunn   
Nov 28, 2009 at 12:24 PM

091127_rufgutsRufguts invoked his Right 2 Challenge yesterday evening at NZWPW Movember, taking advantage of a worn out D-Hoya to become the new NZWPW Champion!

The NZWPW Champion had been subjected to a brutal beating in the advertised main event of the evening, when Rufguts got himself intentionally disqualified from their six-man tag team match by bringing a steel chair into the ring.

Rufguts blasted D-Hoya over the head with the chair as the referee called for the bell, eliminating Rufguts from the contest, before the #1 contender placed the chair over D-Hoya’s head and threatened to crush his skull with a huge legdrop!

X-Rated refused to let D-Hoya tag out (claiming a need to stretch) when Corey Dallas set about beating the champ down, which eventually led to Ben Mana and Tykade as the legal men.

The former tag team champions soon found themselves in a wild brawl around the ring and toward the backstage area, seemingly oblivious to the referee’s ten count, which saw them both counted out of the contest!

With Corey Dallas as the only man left on his team, “The Ideal Experience” rushed into the ring and right into a liquidiser from D-Hoya. The NZWPW Champion then forced X-Rated into the match with a quick blind tag, but was tagged back in similar fashion after only a few seconds.

Dallas charged straight into D-Hoya with a massive spear, The Sack, and set about climbing to the top rope, where he leapt toward D-Hoya with a cross-body press. Hoya caught Corey Dallas mid leap thought and used his momentum to connect with the End of Da World, pinning Dallas to bring an end to the match.

D-Hoya’s night was not over, as Rufguts appeared on stage with an NZWPW official and the NZWPW Championship. He then handed a note to the commentary team, authorised by the NZWPW CWO, announcing that Rufguts would be invoking the Right 2 Challenge for D-Hoya’s NZWPW Championship, and that Hoya’s reluctant tag team partner, X-Rated, would be the guest referee!

With the odds firmly against him, having already wrestled a gruelling match, D-Hoya was drilled into the mat with the Trash Taker #1 (Michinoku Driver) from Rufguts, who had just taken out NZWPW referee Damian Tait with a steamroller. X-Rated began to count the pin on D-Hoya, but somehow the champ kicked out! Miraculously, D-Hoya had enough left in him to pick Rufguts up above his head and slam him into the mat with the Eclipse!

It appeared D-Hoya might be able to retain his title after all, but as X-Rated went to count the pinfall for his old rival, his arm cramped up and prevented him from getting to three. D-Hoya was irate, and threatened to assault X-Rated, but in doing so he took his eye off Rufguts and was suddenly locked into the Clap Trap!

D-Hoya refused to tap out, but the submission was locked in, and the champ’s strength began to fade. X-Rated watched as D-Hoya slipped into unconsciousness, and declared the match over after dropping his hand three times, making Rufguts the new NZWPW Champion!

The NZWPW Tag Team Championship was defended successfully in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, when The Five Star Revolution (JC Star & Travis Banks) defeated The Circus of Tragedy (“Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate & Osiris) two falls to one.

The reigning champs got the match off to a good start with quick tags and double-team moves, such a Banks powerbombing his own partner onto “Dream Catcher”. When Woodgate tagged out, Star set Osiris up for a slingshot, and Banks rushed off the ropes to deliver a flying knee right into Osiris’ sternum. Osiris tagged out to “Dream Catcher” just in time to watch his partner get hit with the Starstruck Superkick and stagger back right into a huge German suplex from Banks for the first fall of the match.

Realising they were one fall away from losing the match, The Circus of Tragedy slipped into desperation mode, and “Dream Catcher” broke out the Dream Dust, before Osiris smashed a blinded Banks into the canvas to even things up.

With the next fall winning the match, it was do-or-die time for both teams, and Travis Banks made a much needed tag to JC Star. Star leapt into the ring and tossed Osiris & Woodgate around like rag dolls with two T-bone suplexes. Then, with The Circus recovering on the outside of the ring, Travis Banks took to the top rope and dove onto his opponents.

JC Star also took to the top rope, and just as Banks, Osiris and Woodgate had made it back to their feet, a dangerous moonsault from Star took everyone down again! Moving back into the ring, Travis Banks picked Woodgate up onto his shoulders while Star once again took to the top rope, and finished things off with the Doomsday Device to successfully retain their tag team titles.

NZWPW Movember Results:

  • Axl def. Chad Howard
    Axl couldn’t beat Howard with a big boot early in the match, and Howard almost pinned Axl with a top-rope hurricanrana. Axl finished things eventually though with his trademarked Atomic Spinebuster.

  • Mikey Rave def. Johnny Idol
    Rave took Idol’s mind off the match when he tore Johnny’s fake moustache (in keeping with the Movember theme) from his upper lip. Idol aggressively tried to smother Rave in the corner, but was taken down with an enzuigiri and finished with the top-rope Bass Drop.

  • Kid Mystique def. Reece Breeg
    SCW’s Kid Mystique snagged a win in Lower Hutt against fellow SCW wrestler Reece Breeg with a DDT and top-rope splash combination.

  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship, 2-out-of-3 Falls Match:
    The Five Star Revolution (c) def. The Circus of Tragedy

    The Starstruck Superkick into a German Suplex gave Banks & Star the first fall of the match, but when “Dream Catcher” stunned Travis with Dream Dust, Osiris was able to even things up. Star took out everyone on the outside of the ring with a dangerous top-rope moonsault, before rolling the Circus back into the ring, where Travis held Woodgate in position for a Doomsday Device to give the champs the third and final fall.

  • Cheetah def. Stellar Hammer (Special Referee: Misty)
    Misty refused to count Stellar Hammer’s pin on Cheetah, and counted extra fast when Cheetah rolled Stellar up to give the debuting diva a tainted win.

  • Dan “The Man” Stirling def. The Nerd
    Misty tainted things for a second time at Movember, coming to ringside and slapping The Nerd (for his romantic advances on her at The Bay Bash), which allowed Stirling to hit the Dan Driver and pin The Nerd.

  • Six-Man Elimination Tag Team Match:
    D-Hoya, X-Rated & Tykade def. Rufguts, “The Ideal Experience” Corey Dallas & Ben Mana

    With Corey Dallas up against D-Hoya and X-Rated, “The Ideal Experience” took to the sky for a cross-body press. D-Hoya caught him and swung him into the End of Da World for the final elimination in the six-man tag. However, his night was not over…

  • NZWPW Championship:
    Rufguts def. D-Hoya (c) (Special Referee: X-Rated)

    After invoking his Right 2 Challenge, Rufguts locked D-Hoya in the Clap Trap and (thanks in part to special referee X-Rated) forced the already drained champ to tap out, crowning Rufguts the new NZWPW Champion!
Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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