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IPW Breakdown 2010: Alexander falls victim to de Jong; PANATA retains!
Written by Luke Farmer   
Jul 18, 2010 at 06:00 PM

Thumbtacks, blood and controversy surrounded IPW Breakdown 2010 and those who came out to brave the cold went home with their money's worth.

The monster Reuben de Jong continued his path of destruction at IPW Breakdown, defeating “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander after “The One” Vinny Dunn was not medically cleared to wrestle his rematch.

IPW Commissioner, Dion McCracken, announced to the crowd prior to the main event that Dunn had failed his physical and was not going to compete in the main event. Though this did not settle well with Dunn, he was assured that he would wrestle the winner of the main event at Rival Turf. He then announced Alexander as the challenger for the night’s main event, with a disappointed Dunn watching at ringside.

Alexander showed no fear as he took on the 140kg monster Reuben de Jong by the horns, matching strength with strength. After a series of failing to take the champion down with shoulder blocks, “The Samoan Silverback” caught the big man off guard with a head butt and then attacked in full force with a leg takedown, knocking the 6'10 giant off his feet! After attempting to deliver two piledrivers, the tide turned in favour of the champion whom took to the top rope, delivering a mighty clothesline. Unable to make a comeback, Alexander fell victim to the Chokeslam, which ultimately cost him a three count. After the match, de Jong unleashed more punishment on Alexander, tying him in a tree of woe. Dunn hit the ring with a kendo stick, cracking it over de Jong’s back to no effect. Dunn threatened to hit him again, and after a few exchanged words, the champion retreated to the back as the show came to a close.

For the past four months, the battle for the IPW Tag Team Championship has evolved into one of the hottest feuds of the year. After the events that unfolded at Genesis back in April, it all came down to this one last opportunity for The Professional Standard to claim the championship gold from the reigning champions, Pirates And Ninjas Are Totally Awesome in a street fight.

The Professional Standard came to Breakdown prepared for a fight rather than a wrestling match, bringing a trolley filled with various weapons and donning a new street thug look. The match started off quick as Kinkade and Ivanoff attacked PANATA as they made their entrance to the ring. Fans at ringside got more than they bargained for as the two teams brawled around the ring, using everything at their disposal as a weapon. Residents of Walford Rd could find their street sign lodged into Ninja Fury’s forehead courtesy of Joseph Kinkade as the fight started to get violent. The brawl spilled into the crowd as ringside chairs were used as weapons, road cones were placed overheads and Ninja Fury performed a huge moonsault on Mischa off the side of the gym wall to the cheers of the crowd.

As the brawl made its way back to the ring, Ninja Fury found himself in a battle by himself against The Professional Standard as Gary O. Davis handcuffed Pirate Burns to the ropes at ringside. Things didn’t get any better for Fury as Kinkade unleashed his violent side, digging a “Route 66” sign into his skull busting him open leaving a deluge of blood on the mat as Burns watched on helplessly. Kinkade continued the punishment; opening the gash more after a series of knee drops to the head. After a series of near falls, a bloodied Fury managed to get on the defence, forcing Mischa into the corner, setting him up for a superplex onto the shopping trolley. As Fury attempted to hoist Mischa up, Ivanoff reversed it, throwing Fury face first into the trolley! Ivanoff covered the champion only to receive a two count. After a series of two counts, The Professional Standard started to grow agitated that they couldn’t gain the three count. As Ninja stood up, Mischa taunted the bloodied champion with the keys to the handcuffs. Humiliating Fury, he placed the key around his neck and allowed him to walk over to Burns to set him free only to be nearly broken in two by a German suplex followed by a two count. Just when the future looked nigh for Fury, he made a miraculous comeback, forcing Ivanoff into the shopping trolley as Kinkade watched on from ringside.  Fury climbed the turnbuckle and went coast to coast, delivering a dropkick on Ivanoff! He grabbed the key and threw it to Burns, freeing him from ringside.

With Pirate Burns now back in the match, Ivanoff found himself on the receiving end of a beat down. Burn’s locked in the Captain’s Hook submission as Mischa screamed only to be saved by Kinkade. Grabbing a chair from the litter of weapons in the ring, Burns nailed Kinkade, following up with the Captains Hook. With Mischa nowhere to be found, Gary O. Davis hit the ring, saving Kinkade from tapping out. With Mischa out cold in the ring, Ninja Fury climbed the turnbuckle and nailed the Ninja Star Press! Reaching deep down, Ivanoff barely kicked out before the three count. Shocked, Fury pulled Ivanoff up only to be hit by a Death Valley Driver only for Fury to kick out at two. Exhausted and shocked with disbelief, Mischa screamed “What do we have to do to beat them!”

A recovered Pirate Burns hit the ring, throwing Mischa to the outside.  Using everything left in his tank, Ninja Fury dropkicked Kinkade to the mat long enough to climb the turnbuckle. As the crowd roared, Fury delivered a 450 Splash leg drop to retain the championships!

As PANATA celebrated their epic win over The Professional Standard, St. Chaos & Jon E. King hit the ring, beating the champions into oblivion. Standing tall over the broken down champions with their belts in hand, the trio pointed to their shirts which red “Pure Wrestling Excellence”.

IPW Breakdown 2010 Results:

  • Jon E. King vs. Alexander ended in a no contest – As “The Samoan Silverback” and King exchanged continuous left and right hand shots, the referee stopped the match due to excessive closed handed fists.
  • St. Chaos def. Rocketman & Jesse Astro via pinfall – A fast paced match that saw Astro and Rocketman perform a deadly suicide dive to the outside. Curt Chaos gained the three count after Brian St. James laid Rocketman out cold with his signature lariat.
  • Unsanctioned Match
    Jordan Invincible def. Justin Decent via pinfall
    – Originally booked as Les West vs. Justin Decent, the fitness guru taunted the crowd on the mic, accusing the Manurewa crowd of being the “fat capital of Auckland”. Jordan Invincible interrupted him, to the delight of the crowd, challenging him to a match. With no referee sanctioned, Invincible asked the live crowd to make the count.  After two Tiger bombs and interference from The Triple Threat, Invincible pulled out a tin of thumbtacks. With Justin lying in a sea of thumbtacks, Invincible executed a moonsault as the crowd counted to three.
  • Flagboy and The Antagonist def. The BFF (Megan Kate Deluxeo & Evie) via pinfall to earn a “Double Date” – The Triple Threat members dominated the BFF early into the match. As Evie attempted to perform the TTYL on Flagboy, The Antagonist threatened to nail her in the head, scaring her, allowing Flagboy to capitalize with a roll up.
  • Neo Justice def. Miles & Luscious – Miles has found the light in his new tag team partner, Luscious, as they wrestled a fast paced match against the fan favourites Kazuki and Link Van Haggard. The ending saw Link and Kazuki performing the Ultra Spiral on Luscious for the win.
  • A-Class def “Handsome” Danny Jacobs w/Britenay & Elias via submission – With Lil T unable to compete, “Handsome” Danny Jacobs took his place against the Armageddon Cup champion, A-Class.  After being on the receiving end of the Sparkle and Fade, A-Class locked in an anklelock grapevine causing Jacobs to tap out.
  • Liger def. NZ Dream via pinfall – The NZ Dream thought he had a victory over Liger on the horizon, taking the big man down with a head scissors takedown and a monkey flip from the corner. Taking to the top rope, The NZ Dream attempted a cross body but missed. As he climbed to his feet, Liger attacked with a strong clothesline to the back of his head, costing him the match.
    Pirates and Ninjas are Totally Awesome def. The Professional Standard via pinfall to retain the IPW Tag Team Championship
    – Wearing a crimson mask, Ninja Fury performed a 450 Leg drop off the top rope to gain a three count over Mischa Ivanoff.
  • Elias w/Britenay & Handsome Danny Jacobs vs. Waipukurau Warrior ended in a no contest – The Waipukurau Warrior announced to the crowd he was going to chop his famous moustache off at Rival Turf and donate the proceedings to the Cancer Foundation. After being attacked by Elias, Britenay tried to chop off the Waipukurau Warrior’s moustache but was saved just in time by Rocketman and Jesse Astro.
  • IPW Heavyweight Championship:
    Reuben de Jong def. Alexander to retain the IPW Heavyweight championship
    – After a dominating first half, Alexander failed to make a comeback after de Jong nailed a top rope clothesline. The monster followed up with a devastating chokeslam for the win.

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