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IPW Fallout: New Tag Champions; Knox retains!
Written by Luke Farmer   
Sep 07, 2010 at 06:00 PM

The IPW community filled the Lynfield Recreation Center last Saturday night looking for answers after the actions of IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken and the new IPW Heavyweight Champion, “The Deal” Dal Knox, two weeks ago at Rival Turf.

McCracken revealed his that his master plan for many months was to screw Dunn out of the IPW Heavyweight Championship, admitting that he instigated the contract for Reuben de Jong to challenge and defeat Dunn at Genesis.

With “Te Tahi” in the ring, McCracken revealed to him that he had originally passed his fitness test at Breakdown in July but withheld him from competition on purpose. As tension started to build in the ring, McCracken labelled Dunn a “transitional champion”, and that he was holding the IPW Championship until Knox was able to perform again.

Things became clear as McCracken admitted that “the time for Knox to strike” was at Rival Turf, organising the alliance between himself, Pure Wrestling Excellence and NZWPW to set up and eventually screw Dunn after he defeated de Jong earlier that night.

Dunn had his chance to tell Knox and McCracken what was on his mind, calling Knox the biggest “drop nuts” in pro wrestling. As the tension grew closer to breaking point, McCracken quickly intervened, saying that if “Te Tahi” laid a hand on either himself or Knox, he would be suspended indefinitely. McCracken ordered that Dunn would not be competing in the night’s show and that the main event was off.

After Dunn left the ring, the IPW Heavyweight Champion had his chance to explain why he turned on the fans. Turning the clock back a year, Knox referred to an incident where “The Ex Patriot” Alfred Valentine took his daughter from ringside in a bid to attack him emotionally. Knox blamed the fans for allowing Valentine to take her from ringside, an act that has scarred Knox's trust for the IPW crowd.
“You sat there and you did nothing… and you will get nothing in return from me.”

With the main event against Dunn nixed, McCracken announced The Waipukurau Warrior as Knox’s challenger as a token for standing in as the ring announcer for the night. Armed with a steel chair, Knox assaulted The Waipukurau Warrior with a vicious chair shot before locking in Fort Knox to gain a victory.

As the outraged crowd showed their anger, Jordan Invincible interrupted McCracken and Knox’s post match celebrations to demand an IPW Heavyweight Championship match to the crowd’s delight. Reluctant to wrestle twice in one night, Knox tried to talk a very eager McCracken out of making the match. Convinced that his “hand picked champion” could deliver the goods two times in one night, McCracken persuaded Knox and signed the match to commence immediately.

Invincible started a heavy assault on the champion in the early stages of the match, showing his power and skill by executing a series of tiger bomb suplexes to wear Knox down. With the crowd wrapped around his finger, Invincible laid a 10-punch combo in the corner, following up with a bone crunching DDT that left stars in Knox’s eyes.

The tide turned on the former IPW Champion Jordan Invincible as Knox regained control over the big man after McCracken grabbed Invincible’s leg, foiling an attempted elbow drop. Demonstrating why he is the IPW Heavyweight Champion, Knox took the assault to ringside, using the ring as a weapon to take the wind out of Invincible.

Following a suplex, Knox continued the onslaught by delivering a series of vicious kicks to Jordan’s spine. Having full control of the match, the champion began to slow the pace, locking Invincible in his grasp with a chin lock. Slowly slipping into an unconscious state, the crowd got behind Invincible, allowing him to gain momentum to fight out of the lock. Fighting off Knox, Jordan took to the top rope to deliver a blockbuster for a two count. Showing his in-ring prowess, Knox immediately rolled Invincible up with a small package for a near three count.

The fight spilt to ringside once again as the two battled it out with furious lefts and rights. Invincible gained the advantage, giving Knox a taste of his own medicine by throwing him face first into the ring post. Reversing further assault, Knox slammed Invincible’s face into the canvas. Attempting a leg drop off the ring apron, Knox failed to hit his target as Invincible moved. Capitalizing on the seated champion, Invincible tied Knox’s arms up in the ropes, restricting him from movement. Gaining the crowds heat, Invincible unleashed a series of fierce chops to the champion’s chest to the amusement of the fans.

With a stunned Knox slowing gaining his balance in the ring, Invincible took to the top rope once more but failed to connect another blockbuster after McCracken intervened. Taking advantage of the missed blockbuster, Knox set Jordan Invincible up for the “Knox Out”. Reversing the Knox’s attempt, Invincible hit the T-Boon Drop as the crowd went nuts. With the Championship about to slip from Knox’s grasp, McCracken entered the ring, attacking the referee with a steel chair to break the count. Irate, Invincible turned his back on Knox to confront McCracken, grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt. Gaining quick composure, Knox grabbed the steel chair and broke it over Invincible’s back, laying the big man out. Knox then locked in the Fort Knox submission as the referee gained conscious, stopping the match due to Invincible losing consciousness.

As the alliance of Knox and McCracken celebrated, Dunn hit the ring to a thunderous ovation, assaulting the IPW Heavyweight Champion, throwing him to the outside leaving him alone with McCracken. With nowhere to run, McCracken attempted to invoke his authority over “Te Tahi”, only to find himself on the receiving end of a right hand from the former champion. As Knox and McCracken regrouped at ringside, Invincible chased them to the back, and Vinny Dunn stood tall in the ring as the show came to a close.

Also at IPW Fallout…

Pure Wrestling Excellence’s Brian Saint James and Curt Chaos looked to avenge their loss at Rival Turf two weeks ago after Lil T unexpectedly substituted for Pirate Burns, helping Ninja Fury regain the IPW Tag Team Championships. Looking very focused, Saint Chaos ambushed the Tag Champions as they made their entrance to the ring. Saint James and Fury brawled their way into the ring to become the legal men as the bout officially began. Fury went up top early in the match, attempting a cross body on Saint James. Showing his brute strength, Saint James caught the Tag Champion, reversing it with a neckbreaker.

Ninja Fury regained control over Saint James after a tiger suplex that left the right thumb of Saint James spitting blood. As the match continued on, Saint Chaos gained control over the Tag Team Champions, isolating Ninja Fury in their corner as they continued the assault. With Lil T looking on, Ninja Fury endured the continuous punishment from both members of Saint Chaos. Curt Chaos showed his ruthless style, choking Fury on the mat as the referee counted before following up with a powerbomb pin, only to gain a two count.

Adding insult to injury, Chaos forced Fury into the turnbuckle, setting the champion up for a superplex. Reaching deep down, Fury began to fight back, blocking Chaos’s attempts to launch him through the air. Fury blocked Chaos, sending him crashing to the canvas, giving him the advantage. Climbing to the top turnbuckle, Fury hit a huge cross body to Chaos, knocking both men down as the referee began the ten count.

Both men gained slowly gained consciousness, crawling to their corners to gain the hot tags. As Saint James hit the ring, Lil T caught him off guard with a clothesline as the crowd got behind the tag team champions. Throwing Chaos out to ringside, Brian Saint James felt the punishment as Lil T hit him with a face buster. Fury climbed the top rope, looking to hit the Shooting Star. Just as the Ninja was about to fly, Jon E. King appeared, pushing him from his perch sending the champion crashing to the outside. Saint James then hit the Silver Spoon on Lil T, gaining the victory. E. King entered the ring with drink supplements to start the celebration with Chaos and Saint James as they were crowned the new IPW Tag Team Champions.


  • Miles & Luscious def. NEO JUSTICE Sqaure via pinfall – After Link van Haggard nailed a Senton Bomb to Luscious, Miles distracted him with a steel chair allowing Luscious to roll him up unexpectedly to gain the victory.

  • Handsome Reflections featuring the Deluxeo Brothers – Returning home Orlando, Florida, after three months training with the Dudley Boyz, the Kiwi Express, “Double D” Davey Deluxeo and Dils Deluxeo made their IPW return as the special guests on Handsome Reflections. “Handsome” Danny’s questions were not well received by the Deluxeos, with Dils shutting him up physically. After the engraged Jacobs and Elias assaulted the Deluxeos, the Kiwi Express fought back, sending them both to ringside. Davey then gave Britenay a “spanking”, to the crowd’s delight.

  • Alexander def. Jon E. King via pinfall – Both men showed no limits in their skills, reversing
    moves like they were in each other’s heads. After a series of near falls and attempts at their finishing manoeuvres, Alexander caught King on the top turnbuckle, hitting him with the piledriver for the win.

  • If Flagboy & The Antagonist win they get a second date. If the BFF win, Flagboy & The Antagonist have to wear bras!
    The BFF def. Flagboy & The Antagonist - Evie and Megan Kate showed no mercy in this rematch from Breakdown, attacking the guys with a series of clotheslines and chops in the early stages. The ending mirrored their last encounter as Evie set The Antagonist up for the TTYL. Flagboy tried to make the save but Megan Kate delivered a low blow to him, allowing Evie to hit The Antagonist with the TTYL for the win. After the match, Flagboy and The Antagonist both refused to hold their end of the deal but were interrupted by Jordan Invincible who laid both men out, superplexing Flagboy through a table. Afterwards, the BFF dressed the Triple Threat members in their new attires – pink and black bras.

  • Reuben de Jong beat Jesse Astro & Rocketman in a no contest – Both Jesse Astro and Rocketman tried to fend off the 6’10 former champion, but failed after de Jong caught Rocketman in mid air, slamming him into the mat. As Justin Lane called orders at ringside to smash their heads in with the steel steps, de Jong had a change of heart, sparing the young team as he defied Lane's wishes and left ringside.

  • The Kiwi Express (Dils and Davey Deluxeo) def. “The Ex Patriot” Alfred Valentine & Mischa Ivanoff via pinfall – The return of the Deluxeos saw them pick up their first win back on New Zealand shores after they sent Mischa Ivanoff into tranquillity lane with their variation of the Doomsday Device.

  • Britenay def. Just Plain Evil – Both women showed their physical dominance against each other in this contest. JPE looked like she had the victory in her reach, dominating Britenay with a series of powerful clotheslines and suplexes. As JPE attempted the Face of Evil, “Handsome” Danny Jacobs caused a distraction on the ring apron, allowing Britenay to schoolboy JPE for the win.

  • IPW Tag Team Championship
    Saint Chaos def. Pirates and Ninjas are Totally Gangsta to become the new IPW Tag Team Champions – Saint James got the win after hitting the Silver Spoon on Lil T.

  • IPW Heavyweight Championship
    “The Deal” Dal Knox def. The Waipukurau Warrior via stoppage – Knox knocked The Waipukurau Warrior unconscious with a steel chair before locking in Fort Knox for the victory.

  • IPW Heavyweight Championship
    “The Deal” Dal Knox def. Jordan Invincible via stoppage – With Invincible distracted by McCracken in the ring, Knox used the steel chair to blindside him before locking in Fort Knox to retain the IPW Heavyweight Championship.


Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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