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Nov 08, 2011 at 06:00 PM

So we’re into week .. 30-something of season 5 of NXT.  Down to the last two competitors.  Things should be getting tense, right?  Loyalties should be divided, right?  Suspense, emotion, character-building, preparing some new talent to enter the WWE picture, maybe some funny smark-pleasing banter between the pros ... right?

Yeah, nah, bro.

I try to recognise that some things are subjective.  I do try to remember that not everyone thinks Titus O’Neill is a gigantic charisma-free waste of space.  Hey, he gets a lot of pop, and Creative clearly do (or did, at some point) want to push him and keep him around.

And since no one seems to really know what the heck Redemption Points even do in the first place, and the prize - appearing on the next season of NXT, woo - is nothing to really write home about, and the show isn’t even airing in the States any more except online... well, it shouldn’t be that big a deal.

There are even positives to the show (you’d hope there’d be positives when I continue to MySky a show, even if three-quarters of it gets fast-forwarded... but I do watch a lot of bad TV). 

This past Sunday I seriously considered that hitting play during the ad breaks in order to rewatch that “bloody legend” ad might be the high point of the hour (still can’t decide if my favourite line is “puzzle time *snap*” or “bro, Monique says you’re dumb”).

Then Tyson Kidd walked out and named his new partner as Johnny Curtis, who’s been thoroughly robbed of his rightful push.  They faced off against the Usos, who are looking pretty good for the mainstream tag division once the Awesome Truth/Air Boom era wanes.

AJ and Kaitlyn had an adorable lockerroom conversation (speaking of great dialogue, you can’t find fault with “they would literally give birth to hate”).  Once we started actually watching, William Regal’s commentary was great.  There was a proper wrestling match between Divas, continuing the feud between Tamina and a rapidly-improving, Kelly-Kelly-pay-attention Kaitlyn. 

The problem, of course, is that none of this has anything to do with the point of NXT.  None of it goes back to finding the WWE’s next breakout star.

The problem, basically, is that they could quietly crown Titus O’Neill, say “whoops, we’re not making NXT any more, so sorry”, dust off the old Superstars graphics and I’m not sure anyone would really notice a difference.

The current lack of a platform for the midcarders in WWE has only been worsened by making Raw a supershow - that just favours the main eventers and means you're cramming a Randy match and a Cena match and a Truth/Miz trolling-the-crowd segment and Mark Henry inducting people into his hall of pain ... and then dedicating a quarter of each episode either to talky-talky or replays of talky-talky (seriously, they replayed Kevin Nash pulling HHH out of the ambo four times in two hours.) 

So it’s natural that some of them are getting pushed onto shows like NXT, even if they are internet-only, and it’s not like an Usos/Tyson&Curtis match gets in the way of any actual challenges or competition between the supposed NXT “finalists”.

But to have credits promoting an all-star season of a talent-quest-formatted show leading into a grab-bag of lower midcarders giving some solid performances ... well, it just looks lazy, and directionless, and I have a hard time believing that the Creative team’s time can be that taken up with “ooh, and then Kevin Nash leaps out of the bushes, and John Lauranaitis texts someone!” that this is the best they can deliver.

Still, until they get their acts into gear I’ll take what high-quality technique-focused matches I can, and my fast-forwarding thumb can get some more exercise.

Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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