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WWE’s Seasonal Stocking Fillers!
Written by Scott Anderson   
Dec 07, 2011 at 06:00 PM

The silly season is upon us, and it’s time to do that last minute grab for swag to make sure you’ve got presents for all and sundry.  Fortunately, as a fan of professional wrestling, you’ve got at your fingertips a world of merchandise to suit all your gift-giving needs.  But for the uninitiated an encounter with can be an intimidating experience – never has one online store given so many broad (and sometimes bizarre) gift options to their customers.  So let me, a grizzled veteran of many “Cyber Mondays” of holiday shopping, guide you through some of the offerings to be found in Vince McMahon’s big old sack. Ahem.



There's always the good old standbys you could pick up from - the t-shirts.  The big sellers and popular names front and centre - John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and CM Punk for example.








Of course, the more discerning wrestling fan, the sort of fan who reads NZPWI, would probably eschew such popular apparel.  The sort of fan who gladly would've ordered a CM Punk t-shirt even six months ago might now be looking for something less popular - a bit more obscure, a bit more ironic even?

 From left to right - Daniel Bryan, Vickie Guerrero and John Laurinaitis(!).


But  just because CM Punk is more popular than evee is not to say that certain levels of irony can't be had with his merchandise.  True, you might not be seen dead wearing his ice-cream t-shirt (because you were into CM Punk before he got cool), but doesn't mean you can't make a statement by cladding your newborn in the much desired CM Punk toddler's creeper and bib combo!

(Also available - with booties too - for young fans of John Cena, The Rock and, yes, The Miz! Your baby too can be Awesome!)


If you don't have a child of your own (or one you can borrow for dress-ups), not to worry.  You can still make your statement that you're a wrestling fan, in a suitably light-hearted manner by girding the front garden of your suburban semi-detached with a fine collection of WWE garden gnomes.







Awww, isn't little Undertaker gnome adorable!?


But this is the holiday season.  And we really need to put our mind towards gifts more suited to the calendar-appropriate non-or-mixed denominational end-of-year festival of your choice.  Luckily has all your needs to mark the season

You can decorate your tree with a range of ornaments.

Around which you can hang your WWE-themed stockings.

And then with your WWE-themed Santa hat on your head,







 your Superstar slippers on your feet,

 and your cute little bull terrier proudly displaying his brand new Miz dog collar

 you can finally put your feet up while you await the arrival of the centrepiece of your Christmas day - the Christmas Pizza, complete with WWE pizza print!


WWE Pizza Prints are edible designs for pizza, made of starches and food colors.  To use Pizza Print, you simply need to bake and cut your pizza, and then apply the image. The images are gluten free and Orthodox Union Kosher certified. 

Um, sure.  Okay then.


For some people, Christmas is also a time of loving closeness.  Feelings of romance can bloom, fed by fine food, bottles of fizzy wine and The Rock's balls.

What does have to offer the adventurous couple, looking for a bit of consensual fun once the relatives have gone home and the kids have slipped into a sugar and fat coma?

Nope, they got nothing.


Merry Christmas, and Seasons' Greetings from NZPWI!

All the above items - and a lot lot more - are available from  Might be a bit late for shipping to New Zealand for Christmas, though...

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