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Superstar of the Month: February
Written by Blake Leitch   
Mar 06, 2012 at 07:29 PM

Good day or good night, whenever you are reading from. My name is Blake Leitch and it is your honour to be receiving my pearls of wisdom in the second edition of 'Superstar of the Month'! Every month, I will be discussing and dissecting a wrestler of WWE or TNA to give you the wrestling world's best opinion for the top athlete of the previous month. If you have not persevered in the premise of this preface, I would pardon your pointlessness to partake in more pleasing practices; like pruning pigs.

I won't bother holding the suspense; it's a waste of my precious time. The 'Superstar of the Month' for February 2012 is the 'Great White' Sheamus! A spectacular pick for the second SotM if I do say so myself, and I do. So why is this incredible performer the first pick of the year? Delve further and let me educate you.

Sheamus has an advantage in the fact that he is your current Royal Rumble winner and number 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Champion at the 28th WrestleMania. He is also on a massive winning streak, not losing a match on Raw or SmackDown in the last month! Alright, technically he's lost via disqualification in one match, but I don't count that as a loss. To maintain his almost-streak, he has had to face the tippity-top that WWE has to offer. And it all started at the 2012 Royal Rumble. Although he was only capitalising on Cody Rhodes' dominance of the match, Sheamus did make three eliminations, ridding the ring of Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, and Chris Jericho.

Following the Rumble match, and entering into February, Sheamus made his momentum known to both Heavyweight Champions before winning his match on SmackDown against the Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes. This is not to draw anything away from Rhodes, but Sheamus was indeed successful in the non-title match, also debuting his new finisher, stupidly named 'White Noise'. The following week on Raw, Triple H put an unprepared David Otunga against the 'Celtic Warrior'. Again, although Sheamus took the opportunity against an unprepared opponent, that opportunity granted him another victory.

Sheamus then went on to show his tag team skills as he teamed up with the 'WrestleMania Choke Artist' The Big Slow. They faced off against Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett, but luckily for the 'World's Largest Heffalump', Sheamus was able to win for the team after levelling Barrett with a devastating 'Brogue Kick'. One week later on Friday Night SmackDown, we were treated to a brilliant match... until the end. Sheamus replaced Randy Orton as Daniel Bryan's opponent and, as per usual, Bryan used his wit to commit cowardly deeds and grant himself the DQ victory. However, despite losing, it was clear the Sheamus was the dominant competitor here.

Needing to regain his winning ways, Sheamus defeated the former World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry on the following Raw, and then defeated former WWE Champion, The Miz on SmackDown four days later. He then showed his disdain for his now WrestleMania opponent, World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, by trying to help Punk defeat him on that night's SmackDown, as well as on the following episode of Raw.

This went on to another tag team match with The Big Show, as the two faced off against Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry. Once again, Sheamus was able to gain the victory for his team after giving Henry a brutal 'Brogue Kick' once more. Finally, how did Sheamus enter into March? With a massive victory over the should-be WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler (lose Vickie, Dolph!).

A new finisher, a massive winning streak, and WrestleMania in sight; Sheamus is certainly a worthy SotM, and could possibly go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship at the 28th annual spectacular, WrestleMania, becoming the first Irish born World Heavyweight Champion in the championship's WWE history! And that's a fact.

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Saturday, April 19
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